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Genuine GM 1995 Shop Service Manuals
Sunday, August 19, 2012
Man it's been a LOOOONG time since I've been back here!

Years ago I helped a number of members get their J's features on CD cover artwork for a major independent under EMI named Neurodisc Records. I'd owned a White Cav at the time I'd done some nice work to (loved that car, amazingly sold it with 160k on the clock for $3500, a testament to taking care of things and keeping the look clean) and then life moved forward. I went to an MX-6, then a Lexus SC400 (which I still have as my backup) and finally on to the Supercharged G35 Coupe I'm in right now. But, through this WHOLE TIME I've had a single listing on ebay - I kid you not - the same running listing on ebay for the full three book service manuals for the 1995 J-Body for sale. And they have never been bought. I've probably paid 15 dollars in sellers listing at .50 a pop over all these years LOL.

And so I decided on a whim today as I was finally closing the listing down to see if this site even still existed - and it does - and my account is still active!

Considering this - I've decided to send out the last call before they end up rotting in the basement books collection - to any of your guys who need or want a set of the REAL GM 1995 Third Gen Service Manuals for your car. They were indispensable for me while working on my J.

Here's the link to the ebay listing (currently not active) where you can see them and stuff:

I'll come back here once or twice throughout the week to see if any of you are interested and I can re-list it with a few clicks and they're yours.

All the best guys and gals :)
Ad Type: For Sale
Email: (email unlisted)
Location: Tampa Florida
Price: 40 USD
Regions: Global
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