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Engine management and tuning, stock and aftermarket systems can be discussed here. Information found here is mostly of very advanced nature and as such should not be approached lightly.
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How do I link text or insert links into my messages?

You can link urls by enclosing them in < >.
To link text to a url, use this method: [url=http://www.j-body.org]The J-Body Organization[/url].
To simply link the url itself, you can also use [url]http://www.j-body.org[/url]. To insert an email link, use [email]email@address.foo[/email].

Can I insert images into my messages?

You can insert images by enclosing the url to the image in [img] and [/img].

Can I format my message with bolding, italics, and other decoration?

You can use the special [ ] codes in your message to apply different style to your message. For example to bold something, you would enter [b]bold text[/b]. Other styles include [i]italics[/i], [u]underline[/u], [center]center[/center] and [quote]quoting[/quote].