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The Sales and Group Purchase Forum is to be used solely for the organization of GME approved company sponsored Sales and Group Purchases. If you would like to start a sale or GP, please read the Rules and Regulations. NEW TOPICS will NOT show up unless approved. DO NOT post a new topic until you have read the rules!
The Sales and Group Purchases in this forum are operated by individual businesses and NOT by the GM Enthusiast Network. Please contact the business or thread author directly if you have any questions about the sale or GP. Questions about specific products sent to the GME via the CONTACT US link at the bottom of the page will not be answered.
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How do I link text or insert links into my messages?

You can link urls by enclosing them in < >.
To link text to a url, use this method: [url=]The J-Body Organization[/url].
To simply link the url itself, you can also use [url][/url]. To insert an email link, use [email][/email].

Can I insert images into my messages?

You can insert images by enclosing the url to the image in [img] and [/img].

Can I format my message with bolding, italics, and other decoration?

You can use the special [ ] codes in your message to apply different style to your message. For example to bold something, you would enter [b]bold text[/b]. Other styles include [i]italics[/i], [u]underline[/u], [center]center[/center] and [quote]quoting[/quote].