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Re: Idiot salesmen
Sunday, May 22, 2005 12:45 AM
Just notice how stupid GM----Chevrolet is. "This has been a very popular car"
So what do they do????? I hate illogic.
Even the salesmen say no one wants the vehicles that are on the lots now.
Too bad. Is Chev trying to go outa business??????? Like part of a big plan or something??????? They sure don't make anything I care to own now.

Re: Idiot salesmen
Monday, May 23, 2005 10:44 AM
C'mon the hell on, its a Cavalier, not a Ford GT. They can't charge more than sticker for an econo-box like a Cavalier. Especially if its last years model. They should be giving these things away for $10,995.

Drive by a Ford lot and look at the prices on any '04 Mustangs they have. The have all been reduced because with the new 05's out they are having a hard time getting rid of the old body styles. Same would be true of the Cavalier and Cobalts. I'd much rather have a cobalt than another cavalier.

Only thing I found funny was the local Saleen dealer. He had an 04 S-281 (non supercharged 290 hp, 18" wheels) for $46,900.00 and a brand new 05 Saleen w/ 340 hp and more torque, 20" chrome wheels, new body style, better car in my opinion for $42,600.

How the hell does he plan to sell the 04 underpowered at a higher price?
Re: Idiot salesmen
Thursday, May 26, 2005 6:52 PM
Bill, there are a few Cavis out there, and the Fires are still in production.
You should search and see what you can find.
4 door Cavis are all but extinct, and it's been a couple years since they made any 4 door Sunfires.
I guess you need to check out east, I just did a Seattle search for Cavis and found NOTHING. (and that's probably for a 200 mile radius or more). There are a few in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee, Illinois, etc.

This link should show you 50 nearby Sunfires, many with 5 sp: yDlr&makeId=002&modelId=046&subModel=&subModelId=84&pvc=203&zip=98101&dealerName=&city=&state=&colorOptions=®ularOptions=&iPi=3&fPi=4&BAC=181524.0&ignoreBAC=true

(link should work for anybody, just delete the "98101" and substitute your zip own code)
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