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another happy buyer..
Friday, May 20, 2005 10:32 AM
ok some of you may know that a few weeks ago Hal Brain lost his sunfire do to a accident that protected his wife and unborn child... well i am so happy for his family that his sunfire protected them. it sucks that he lost the fire but he was willing to sale some parts of it to his fellow j-body owners... i am happy to say that i purchased his 1 inch addco rear sway bar along with his control fx rear tie bar and i am very impressed with it...

i am going to install it this weekend and i am looking forward to doing so. i sent him the money via paypal and the money didnt even go though yet and he already packed up the bars and sent them to me via fedex. when i recieved them they are just like he siad they would be.. te only damage was a burn on the paint of the tie bar and he told me it did that way before i purchased this. i just wanted to say thanks to Hal for such a great deal and being a very reliable and trusting person. still sucks about the fire but everything will work out... congrats on the kid man... just wanted to let people know that there are still trusting people out here on the org....

Re: another happy buyer..
Sunday, May 22, 2005 12:38 AM
I love happy endings LOL I'm glad everything worked out for the both of you.

((I don't have a lead-foot, But i wear steel-toes.))
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