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Re: How Can We Help Out Tim
Monday, July 18, 2005 4:26 PM
James Cahill wrote:

The Bash isn't about having big name companies there to possibly sell products. Its about getting together with other people who love J's. Does there even need to be a huge GM display? I don't know how much that cost, but I think it was kind of a waste. Unless GM simply volunteered it. I for one won't pay $50-60 to get into something like this. I wouldn't pay that kind of money to get into any show. I don't see why anyone would.

No the bash was about people having fun, but that changed a couple years ago, when GM got involved. The Bash does ot pay GM to be there, GM pays just like they do at other shows they go to. Them being there helps them( GM). That is why I said pass more of the cost onto them. With it truly no longer being a Bash, but a GM small car Bash, it is going to become more about products, and more like a normal show, but with GM only cars. I see in about 5 years, J's will be the smallest number of cars there.

As far as the price of it and other shows. Most big shows like Nopi, HIN etc... TO show your car you are going to pay close to $50, that gets you in both days (if it is a 2 day show, and normally driver and passenger.

If you go back to making it just a J-Body Bash, you might be able to cut some cost.

I'm not saying that is what needs to be done, just pointing out all ends.

FU Tuning

Re: How Can Wer Help Out Tim
Monday, July 18, 2005 4:34 PM
White_Zzzzz wrote:

JimmyZ wrote:

White_Zzzzz seemed to be concerned with even application of the rules in his original post.

14. No "Post Jacking" or "Post-Whoring". Post-jacking is replying to a thread with something that is completely off the topic of the thread. Post-whoring is the act of making a thread, post, or series of posts that convey a minimal or non-existent amount of information.
Let's keep that rule in mind before we have to worry about it's even application here, mmmkay?

In other words....
White_Zzzzz: your problem is with Tim Schilling. Take it up with Tim Schilling.
Everyone else: Scroll up, re-read the first post in the thread and try again. thankyoudrivethru

I tried...but you guys locked my post. Unlock my post and I will do so. Why was it locked in the first place?

And Im simply responding to the ppl in this thread, so don't point the finger at me.

My first post was MORE than within the rules of the website. The posts after that are responses to individuals posting in this thread with comments towards me (or my comment within this thread). So in the end...all my posts are within the context of this thread.


Did he show you any financial statements or are you going based on his word?

His word to me last year was that he would take care of my situation. Little did I know that "taking care" meant for me to spend more money calling him long distance only for him to spew the same crap to me as he did on these message boards.


ok man i realize i was lashing out at you, but you should know i have no beef with you. I'm just tired of hearing about something that happend last year. As i told you in the e-mail you sent me, take it up with tim. Dont polute the forums with it. It just makes this site @!#$tier and @!#$tier every day.

Re: How Can Wer Help Out Tim
Monday, July 18, 2005 4:50 PM
Here is the way I see it .Tim had an idea.He starts the bash and decides on what to charge based on costs.I haven't heard many people say the entry fee was exorbitant.So Tim builds in some profit for all his hard work.,I'm not saying he has because I don't know.What difference does it make on how much he makes.He has a product at a fair price.It's the American way,FREE ENTERPRISE.Now I'm sure you'll get your pricing dispute resolved.As far as people helping Tim recoup the costs of the stolen banners what difference does it make that friends want to contribute.If you don't ,then don't.Tim did not solicit help,friends offered help.So why you would want a piece of the pofits makes no sense.If you think what Tim is doing is so lucerative then you should start your own Bash.I'm not being a wise ass here I 'm just making an observation.So hopefully we can get off the name calling and all the "nanny nanny boo boo " stuff.
So my take is this, either you choose to help or not.
Re: How Can Wer Help Out Tim
Monday, July 18, 2005 6:50 PM
Hey everybody. First off, I want to thank everyone for their concern. Looks like we'll be ok, but it's not gonna be pretty and I think I'm Visa's new best friend...

Every year it seems like there is always something going around about the bash and it's finances. To put it bluntly (mainly because I'm so tired of hearing it by now) that is not your concern. The event costs a ton of money to put on and if we're luck if we break even. But I can count those years on one hand and that's with missing a few fingers!

Point in fact, we take on a HELL of a financial risk every year for this event. And at the end of the day I'm the one stuck with the bills if they don't get paid. Regardless of whether it was a good time, it's still my ass on the line for everybody else's benefit. I'm not asking for mercy or even help. I just want to make sure some people out there understand the gravity of this situation. At any rate, please pardon my rant and thank you again for the concern.


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