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Should I keep it???
Thursday, December 04, 2014 6:42 PM
Hey guys! I've been confused these last weeks since I've tried my brother's Cobalt SS/TC and would like advice. I loved the car's performance factor, handles incredible for a FWD and what about boost! A real german jewel. The thing is, I've had my 2003 Sunfire since 11 years now, modified the exterior to my taste and always have wanted to boost the car. I know a hahn racecraft turbo kit would do the job on a straight line, but my car overall would never compete on a track against a car like the SS/TC. I would have to put something like 10 grand easily on turbo, suspension, drivetrain, clutch, tuning etc. to TRY to compete. But what about the cash I'd put in it?,,,wouldn't it be waste? Unsellable for the fact I've modified the car heavily. While I can get a SS/TC for 6000$ with sure resale value. What's really hard is I find the my Bomex kitted 2003 Sunfire way better looking, interior and exterior, than the SS/TC. Damn...that's what makes me think about going further and invest in my Sunfire. What's your opinions, something that could help me think on my next move. Keep the car and invest or change cars and jump on a SS/TC while it's time cause they're still pretty recent. Thanks guys!
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Re: Should I keep it???
Friday, December 05, 2014 6:36 AM
Just my thoughts on a Cobalt.

J-bodies are lighter than Cobalts and completely building the suspension in one isn't that bad. The most expensive items are good coil-overs, sway bars, and big brake kits.

My suspension mod list:
Tein Super Street Coil-overs
Addco 24.5mm(1") front sway bar
Progress 22mm rear sway bar
DC Sports front strut brace
Vibrant rear strut tower brace
OEM fender braces
Unmodded N-body control arms
Prothane poly control arm bushings
Delrin rear trailing arm bushings
Z/24 rear trailing arm with stabilizer bar
Russell SS brake lines
Baer 13" big brake kit
Custom 11.5" F-body rear disc conversion with PBR calipers
5Zigen ProRacer GN+ - 18x7.5 35mm offset
Hankook Ventus V12 EVO K110 - 225/40R18

Strat81's suspension mod list:
GM front strut tower brace
Freedom Design rear strut tower brace
Addco 25.4mm front swaybar
Addco 25.4mm rear swaybar
Tein SS coilovers
RKSport subframe brace
RKSport poly a-arm bushings
Misnblu custom trunk brace
Club Jeffie torsion beam bushings
Baer 13" big brakes front
Baer 12" big brakes rear
ARP evo lug studs (front)
ARP F-body lug studs (rear)
17x8 5zigen fn01rc's
245/40/17 Hankook k110 v12 evos
OEM fender cowl braces
Specialty Products rear camber shims

Both of our cars will out handle a Cobalt. We have been known to beat S2000s, RX8s, and S13s at autocrosses and on twisty roads. Strat81 and I both run superchargers which IMO provide better power delivery for handling situations. You are limited to ~280whp with the M62 and the Harrop HTV1320(300+whp) costs more and requires at least forged pistons/rods to use it to it's full potential(ported head wouldn't hurt). The only work the transmission needs(to be top notch) is a LSD and solid tranny mounts. Yes we both probably have close to $4-5K into our suspensions, but the majority of that cost is the coil-overs, brakes, sway bars, and wheels/tires.

IMO the resale angle is moot. Resale on GM cars suck. Plus in the end you will be trying to sell a modded SS/TC instead of a modded Sunfire. Yes the SS/TC will probably sell quicker, but you will still make the most money back by parting them out and probably crushing the shells. Plus there is the fun of beating up on a "totally awesome/unbeatable yo" Cobalt with a lowly Cavalier or Sunfire. If you really like your Sunfire then keep it, with alittle work it will out perform a SS/TC.

Re: Should I keep it???
Sunday, December 07, 2014 3:57 PM
Thanks alot for the suspension mod list bro! Makes my choice a bit clearer. If I put 260 hp on my Sunfire, I should end up with lots of torque steer. Ideas what I should do with? I think I'll end up keeping it and supercharging it. My stock suspension right now needs repair, so I thought about upgrading it this spring. Starter setup? I'd like something still confortable on the road. Thanks again!
Re: Should I keep it???
Monday, December 08, 2014 1:24 AM
How many recalls does your jbody have lol?

On the inside my car looks like a fighter jet.
Re: Should I keep it???
Saturday, December 13, 2014 4:58 AM
thr cobalt is still gm crap, slighly better than a cavalier, but the interior still sucks, lots have died on it, which is why it was discontinued, it didnt even last 5 years just another failed gm car
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