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Adjusting tb butterfly
Saturday, February 20, 2016 8:25 PM
If I'm not mistaken you're able to adjust the butterfly on a tb correct? I need to adjust mine so it can close more, due to my lack of paying attention I ended up leaving some paper towel in tb for a day or two. Thought while I had tinkered with it that I ended up fixing my idle/small vaccum leak problem. Apparently the paper towel fixed my idle problem, no p0507 or idle Jump but obviously the butterfly wouldn't shut completely so my idle was high. Turns out or so I suspect my butterfly doesn't close all the way even though it appears to do so, no cracks are present so the tb is good.

If there is a way to adjust the butterfly I imagine it'd have to be a set screw or something right? Where is it located assuming I am correct and do I simply turn it in the desired direction?

Apologies if I already posted this or something, my kindle has not been showing my other threads or hardly any at all(really outdated lol) so yeah. If the befly adjust doesn't work I'll just get a new tb from acdelco.

Re: Adjusting tb butterfly
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 3:04 PM
The service manual instructs you to turn it out until a gap can be seen between the set screw and the stop. Then turn it back in until it makes contact with the stop. Then turn it in 1 and 1/2 rounds. This is for OBD1 though and might not apply to OBD2, I have no idea.
If you have a laptop you can use TunerPro RT. You'll need the interface cable for your application. Or simply the proper scan tool for your version of OBD. Either of these will allow you to check that the TPS voltage is within correct range at closed and full throttle. Also you can see what the IAC valve is doing. Of course there are many other parameters you can investigate with them too. TunerPro is donate ware. You can get the details at their site. Unless you know someone that will loan you a Tech 1 or 2, TunerPro is probably your cheapest way to have your own diagnostic software. I love it myself. It is a very powerful tool.
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