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Weapon*R Free BBQ and Car Show
Wednesday, February 16, 2005 2:25 PM
Everyone is invited to a Free Bar-B-Q and Car Show this coming March 5th, 2005. We have plenty of room here for over 100+ cars. We’ll have all our products on display, including many of our new Secret Weapon Truck Intakes, Catch Cans, and more! A raffle drawing will be held, the Grand Prize being a New Secret Weapon Intake for your vehicle, and many more consolation prizes as well. As always we’ll have plenty of promotional goodies to give away, and discount coupons available.

Come on down and show your ride, get some free food, and check out the new Weapon-R location. SRO will be offering a discount on all products in stock there, so if you see something you like you can pick it up there.

This should be an exciting opportunity to meet the folks at Weapon-R and see what their all about.

Vendors, if you would like to setup a display booth, please contact me at: ray.fong@weapon-r.com

This is open to all car enthusiasts so please post this on other forums.

What: Weapon*R BBQ and Car Show

When: Saturday March 5th, 2005, 11am – 5pm

Phone: 1-650-877-8280 Fax: 1-650-877-8290

Thank you,
Ray Fong
Sales/Tech Support
Weapon*R USA

Email: rayfong@weapon-r.com
Tel: 1- 650- 877- 8280
Fax: 1- 650- 877- 8290
url: www.weapon-r.com

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