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**6th Annual Florida J-Body Meet READ UPDATES**
Wednesday, April 13, 2005 3:45 AM
Hello Everybody,

Update on the 6th Annual Florida J-Body Meet 2005 @ the Race Rock in Orlando. The show dates are April 29th and 30th. On April 29th Friday night we will be meeting at the Orlando Speed World Dragway from 6:00pm till 10:30pm we will be having Tuning, practice, grudge racing, co-driver drags & quarter mile. Admission $10 and only $5 more to run. Here is there address if you need to find your way there.

Orlando Speed World Dragway
19442 East Colonial Drive (Hwy 50)
Orlando, Florida 32820

Friday night April 29th from 6:00pm till 10:30pm
The will be Tuning, practice, grudge racing,
co-driver drags & quarter mile.

Admission $10 and only $5 more to run.

On April 30th Saturday will be the Car Show. The car show will be held at ORLANDO RACE ROCK. The show will start at noon and last till 4pm or 5pm.

We will have the following classes:

Best of Show J-Body
Best Graphics
Best Audio
Best Engine
Best Paint
First Place - Wild
Second Place - Wild
Third Place - Wild
First Place - Mild
Second Place - Mild
Third Place - Mild
First Place - Stock
Second Place - Stock
Third Place - Stock

I am going to try to add two more classes: Top Class Cavalier, Top Class Sunfire which will be a last minute thing. Also this year at the show we will have Plaster Crafts for the kids to paint. The cost will between $5-$10 dollars for a plasterpiece which includes the paints, brushes and glitter. This is something good for the kids to do when the car show is going on and also something for the ladies to have fun with.

Below is Race Rock address if you need it:

Exit 74A (Sand Lake Road) off I-4
8986 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

The judging this year we are asking for one person from each city to get together and be in a group judge. This way we can make the judging go faster and smoother then last year. The sponsors are Streetline, and Ultimate Audio.

I am taking Pre-Registration today until April 21st the cost of pre-registration is $10 dollars. On April 22nd Registration is $15 dollars. If you are Pre-Registrating I am requesting your FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL ADDRESS,AND PHONE NUMBER (please write clearly). We will send you an email confirmation that we recieved your payment and bring this email to the show. You will be placed on a call list; present your license at show with your emial confirmation.

Money Order/Checks/Cashier checks:
Streetline Preformace and Accessories
4787 North Pinehills Road #204
Orlando, FL 32808

Tee-shirts and baby doll shirts. I am taking a Pre-Orders it will be $10 dollars each. If you want XXL or bigger $12 each. I am in the process of ordering 24 T-shirts. There will be 5 to 10 baby doll shirts. If you are interested in ordering now and I will get more made rather than 24. You can send the money for the shirt order(please use templete for shirt order above) with your Pre-Registration, please make sure you let us know what size you want and we will have your shirt at the show for you to pick up.

SHIRT ORDERS: please fill out exactly as shown below (please write clearly)
STYLE: TEE-shirt OR BABY doll shirt

Below is the link to what the shirts will look like this year.
white shirt with black ink.


Re: **6th Annual Florida J-Body Meet READ UPDATES**
Friday, April 29, 2005 7:41 AM
No one in this forum from Florida.

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Re: **6th Annual Florida J-Body Meet READ UPDATES*
Sunday, May 01, 2005 6:33 AM
no body went to the Orlando Speed World Dragway, well I know only 3 ppl went..

A guy with a red cav, and a guy with the yellow cav and me with the black cav and thats about it......

It was nice though, we saw the new cobalt SS running !!!!!!!

I need a new sig =(
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