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Inari Fennec @ The GM Autoshow In Motion
Saturday, September 17, 2005 6:55 PM
Well this is Inari here, or Rod as a few of you may know me, reporting just minutes after the GM Auto show In Motion here at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego

I got to see a few new things like the Pontiac Solstice, it's a very nice looking car, and other things like GM's new Caddy lineup for this fall along with some favorites like the ION Redline and the Cobalt SS, I didn't have much time to drive many of them but I'll say what I can.

I test drove the Cobalt SS of course, I had to, and one thing I have to say is I'm pretty blown away by it. I like the zip it has, although I didn't really like the Manual Tranny, it was waaay too picky compared to my cavalier but hey. Thing handles like a sport coupe should of course, it's quick, fun to drive, and doesn't sound half bad at cruising speeds. They wouldn't let me open her up to her full potential.

I compared that to the Scion TC, and let me tell you. Driving that thing was like driving a brick. First off, it was an Automatic, major points lost there. Steering felt kinda awkward and the tires squealed on turns that I felt weren't even that rough. It doesn't handle bumps that well either from what I could tell, but it was still a pretty fun car. I like both but I give the huge nod to the Cobalt of course. Ham and Cheese cobalt.

I test drove the Pontiac G6 GT. I like it, it's got a decent interior, but I'm not sure about this electronic Manual Transmission thing. It took me out of the experience of driving the car.... basically to shift up. you ease the little electronic stick up 1 time. to shift down, you ease it down. No clutch in the car. I'm sure a lot of people will love it though, it's just a nice, fun little car.

I also drove the Saturn ION Redline. I like it. That's all I need to say about that. fun car just like my cavalier and I thought it handled well.

Pontiac GTO. No I didn't get to drive it, the line was at least a mile long to drive it. This guy was trying to be a badass by doing a "Chirp" while he took off. Ended up doing a huge Lurch forward and back, the most ungraceful thing in the world.... So we all started a clap, Someone even yelled "WEAK!" and the guy just hurriedly sped off.

The Corvette. Sweet jesus that was fun, that was my first corvette. I lost my corvette cherry, but it was good.... Handles well, feels powerful. What more need I say?

I didn't test drive any of the hummers or any of the Caddys. I'm not a big fan of those makes, and also the line to drive any of them was fairly long. I was surprised how quick I was able to get into the Cobalt SS, took me about oh... 2 minutes to walk up to the line and eventually get behind the wheel.

Anyone in the San Diego Area, Go to this thing please. You'll enjoy it. they have Food. and cars. And you can even sign up for an extended test drive. HOT!

That's all I have to say right now. I enjoyed myself there, hopefully everyone else who goes enjoys it as much as I did.

Later days!

- Inari Fennec (Rod)

Re: Inari Fennec @ The GM Autoshow In Motion
Saturday, September 17, 2005 6:59 PM
Free Tee shirts too!

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