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Automatic Window regulator
Monday, February 29, 2016 2:27 AM
Hi there,
just a quick question?
were there no 2 door sunfire's made with power windows?
I want to put power window motors and assembly in my non powered window 2 door sunfire, as so i went to a junkyard to grab some, they had over 30 2 door sunfire's but not one of them had the power windows, but i came across a cav with them, and i was wondering if they would work also the window in the cav is rolled up, and since the car batteries are cut out at the junkyard, how do i get them down i dont care it i have to cut wires and use a battery, but my question is, can i use an 18 volt cordless drill battery to do this or would it hurt the regulators


Re: Automatic Window regulator
Monday, February 29, 2016 4:51 PM
Sunfires had optional power windows. If you go onto car parts websites, like, you can look up the part numbers for your particular Sunfire. For example, on, under your particular year/engine, you'll find it under "Interior" and then either "Power Window Motor", "Window Regulator", & "Window Regulator & Motor Assembly". Unless your time is worth nothing, I think you'd be far better off just buying the parts online-- especially since power window motors wear out.

I have two 1996 Cavalier convertibles with power motors and I've replaced the power window motors multiple times on both cars. I did a how-to on replacing the power window motors. You may find it informative-- especially if you look at the first 2 photos.

I would expect the Cavalier and Sunfire window-related parts to be identical on comparable models/years. (FYI: The convertible-2-door and hardtop 2-doors have different windows and regulators.)

I would also expect that both the power-window versions and non-power-window version doors would have the mounting holes for a power window assembly and motor (because of the economy-of-scale), but it wouldn't surprise me if they don't. There is a small bracket that holds the plug-end of the power window motor and I would be shocked if it existed on the non-power window door. I think it would be hard to find that bracket anywhere but a junkyard. It is riveted in place. See my photos.

It is possible to remove the power window assembly if you can't lower the window to the point where one would normally remove the window pane from the regulator, but it would be difficult. You'd have to C-clamp the window in its up position. Then you'd have to drill out all the rivets for the regulator and motor. At this point the whole thing would come crashing down if you didn't C-clamp the window in its up position. Then you could firmly grasp the window, remove the C-clamps, and lower the window by hand (to the point where you could remove the nuts that hold the bottom of the window pane to the regulator. It would be better to have an assistant. Or maybe just take a 12V battery to the junkyard. An 18V battery would probably fry the motor. Again, I think you'd be far better off, just buying a regulator & motor online.
Re: Automatic Window regulator
Tuesday, March 01, 2016 8:20 AM
they are 10$ apiece at the junkyard lol
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