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'05 Cav Ignition Tumbler
Sunday, July 31, 2016 8:53 PM
There seems to be a debate going on with a few J-Body peers in regards to replacing my ignition tumbler. Currently, it takes roughly three or four tries to get the key to start the car, because the tumbler is bad. I found this out this afternoon after taking off the bottom steering cover and then popping out the cylinder. According to some J enthusiasts, a new cylinder can be 'programmed' to match the key I already have, while others are saying this is not possible, and the key would need to be replaced as well. Thus, I would have one key for the door, and one key for the ignition.

So which is it? Can the new ignition tumbler be 'programmed' so that I can still use one key, or will I need two keys now?

In a perfect world, I'd rather have just one key.


Re: '05 Cav Ignition Tumbler
Monday, August 01, 2016 6:23 AM
They can be re-keyed or replaced with a new key. If you go factory, you'll probably have to buy the ignition cylinder and it should come with new tumblers. You can have a locksmith or the dealer do it, or you can do it yourself (it's not hard, the tumblers normally have a number stamped on them so you can match up what came out with what you're putting in). Check it before you install it back into the housing. With the key installed, all tumblers should sit pretty much flush with the exterior of the housing. Grease it during assembly as well. It should come with the proper lubricant. If you can't read one of the numbers on the tumbler, just go through the different ones they give you until one fits properly.


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