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2000 2.2 Right Blinker is blinking fast
Thursday, August 31, 2017 7:12 AM
I know the common issues of a fast blinker is (1) blown bulb, (2) bad flasher relay, and/or (3) bad ground.

1. All bulbs are good. I even replaced them anyways to make sure. All the lights light up.
2. I went to the junkyard yesterday and got two of them for 5 bucks. They are the bright green ones above the brake pedal. got home and looked and apparently the previous owner tried that too since there was a newer black relay there. Went ahead and tried the green ones anyways since I didn't know how long the other relay was there. No change in condition.
3.My brother thought it was the bulb socket on the front right since it wasn't holding the bulb securely. we replaced the socket, but before i completely reconnected the new socket to the harness, I grounded it out to bare metal on the frame. Still a rapid blink on the passenger side, so I finished connecting the ground back to the wiring harness.

Using the hazard switch, ALL the lights blink normally. No rapid flashing on passenger side.

I am totally open to any additional suggestions on what to look at. Thanks for any help you can give.

Re: 2000 2.2 Right Blinker is blinking fast
Friday, September 01, 2017 6:18 AM
This morning on the way to work. I had the headlights on and the front passenger blinker stayed a solid yellow. No blinking even with the turn signal switch on. Light on dash and relay clicking indicated it was still blinking fast.
Re: 2000 2.2 Right Blinker is blinking fast
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 9:02 AM
From the last post I would suspect the wire loom has burnt shorted so that the headlight power is getting to the blinker. With a wiring diagram you may be able to figure out how to test that with a multi meter. Check that loom where it could rub on the body or get caught in door/hood that could pinch or cut the wire. Look for burn marks on the outer covering. If you dont get lucky & find something the alternative is to start unwrapping the wire loom at the bulb to visually trace the wire.

FYI the reason for the fast blinking is the current draw is not enough to quickly heat up the bi-metal wires in the blinker module to make them separate as far as designed. This causes them to cool & close quicker. This is also an issue when replacing your incandescent bulbs with LEDs & not replacing the blinker module with an LED compatible one.
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