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more issues
Thursday, April 18, 2019 10:33 AM
So planned on adjusting the e-brake on the rear wheels, but more problems during my April from hell. My turn signals have started to crap out even though I already went through two flashers for this same problem. Hazards work fine. Does anyone else have this problem happening and have to keep replacing the flasher or is it just me? I tried cleaning the contacts and using compressed air to blow out inside the connector but it didn't help. The last flasher was supposed to have a "limited lifetime warranty" from AZ but it would prolly take me a year to dig up and find the old receipt although I know I have it somewhere.

Second problem - changed the air filter and the two screws that hold down the air filter cover on the air intake - the rectangular thing - completely broke off. They were both barely hanging on last year but yesterday totally broke off so now only the two on the right side (driver side) of the thing are holding it down. I am trying to come up with rigging something to hold the left side down but no ideas. Will it be a problem being loose on that side/

Still dealing with a non-working (hot( AC with just days left before it is in the mid 80s here. I'm doing the math in my head for how many cans of Walmart stuff I would have to go through to get through 6 months if each can lasts 1 week Won't know how bad my issue is until I try adding what's left in last year's can later on this evening when it is going to be around 82.

Trunk leaks from the drivers side door pounding the roof support apart (from sagging) so had to remove the padding so I can keep a towel shoved into that corner to soak up the water when it rains. So I bought a new clean cardboard box to lay across the spare tire.

I know I am talking to myself but hey - maybe someone will find this in a couple of years.

Re: more issues
Thursday, April 18, 2019 5:05 PM
I read it today.
I feel your pain.
Not many people here any more.
I just bought my second Z24, a 2000 convertible.
Black, one owner, 60 k miles.
Several niggling, but minor problems, most solved already.

You are not alone here.

Whidbey Island WA
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s-l1608.jpg (79k)

Re: more issues
Friday, April 19, 2019 6:29 PM
I too am still here and as I replied previous times I recommend a trip to the boneyard. That air cleaner plastic cover should be less than $20. I don’t mind summer heat much and I let my AC go years ago and replaced the compressor with the delete pulley. Your cav seems like one of the unluckiest ones ever based upon all of your continuing sagas - some of them being very odd things that have never happened to any of my cavs. Based upon all of your hard work though I think you have learned (the hard way) much of what there is to know about gen 3 cavs. Have you ever considered snagging a spare cav or sunfire cheap from Craigslist? I see lots of them here on Craig’s going for under $500 with one problem or another that are actually quite fixable. Maybe you could upgrade to a “luckier” one if you want to stay J and keep your current one for parts or vise versa.

Re: more issues
Sunday, April 21, 2019 7:32 AM

Thanks for the replies. Nice to see some others here. If I told you my whole situation, you would not believe it - nobody does. Suffice it to say that lack of money and commitment / dedication to this particular vehicle because we've been through so much together has been increasingly difficult as we both get older and both deteriorate with more health problems (me and the car). No health insurance, no money, very few tools and most problematic - no place to work on the car. Even finding a spot for a few hours is almost impossible. Life would be infinitely easier if I had a house with a night big clean bright garage where I could take my time and see what I was doing without worrying about rain and all the other problems instead of trying to work in some parking lot.

My big problem now - on a very long list of problems - is the AC. You can read about this in detail on the 3rd generation forum.
Re: more issues
Monday, April 29, 2019 5:57 PM
Had both of my cavis blow freon out the bottom of the A/C compressor. 2200s tho. If you know you have a leak buy a can of the stuff with dye in it and get a UV light and start looking for glowing fluid. Remember for a A/C system to work properly you need to put the system into a vacuum to draw out all the moisture, then charge the system to the required amount. Too much is just as bad if not worse then not having enough. The EZ cans with the gauges are just a waste of money. If you don't start with a dry system you have no idea how much is in there and for the love of god don't use any a/c system sealer.
Re: more issues
Tuesday, April 30, 2019 9:43 AM
Donald Cotterman wrote:

Had both of my cavis blow freon out the bottom of the A/C compressor. 2200s.....

That is one of my problems. I have known about the PAG oil leaking from the compressor from the compressor control valve on my 2200. Is this a known defect for these V5 compressors or what? Is there a typical life-expectancy that they just won't last beyond ? I am having major health / medical / money / sleep and car problems and this AC situation is perhaps days away from being a life and death problem for me - depending on what happens with the CAN I used to get through last summer. I have been too afraid of what the result is going to be to attempt it yet but my time is down to about 5 days based on the forecast. I am terrified of literally dropping dead from sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, a heart attack or stroke and having the refrigerant go in and come right out might just push me over the edge.
Re: more issues
Friday, May 03, 2019 3:07 PM
You didn't say what year/engine Cavs you have.

I have two 1996 2.4L Cavalier convertibles. Neither have exhibited problems with the turn signals (knock on wood). The bulbs should last for many years. I think I've replaced 3 bulbs on 2 cars since 1996. (And we actually use our turn signals.) I believe it's possible to find LED replacements. Maybe they would have better longevity?

If you don't clamp the air filter cover tight, it could lead to problems. Jury-rig or junkyard.

In 2013 the compressor on one of my Cavs started leaking oil and freon. For $170 total, I bought a new AC Delco compressor, accumulator, and orifice tube on Amazon (you need to get all 3) and had my mechanic install them (since it requires a vacuum pump).

I didn't understand what you said about having a leak.
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