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smashed into a median
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:11 AM

4am this morning - totally dark, windows fogged crossing through an intersection with a really bright green light - so all resulted in me not being able to see the concrete median I was headed straight for at full speed. Smashed into it really bad - twice - because it was an odd shape that stopped and started again all within about 2 feet. After the initial shock and having everything fly everywhere, I thought for sure my axle would be broken but after pulling over and starting to slowly drive away - the first thing I noticed was a huge vibration so I figure my wheels got bent. Then, after it got light out, I stuck my head under the front and saw that the oil drip pan was totally crushed with a huge dent. It looks really bad. I am even more afraid of the cat being damaged since it hangs way down and must have taken a hard direct shot as well.

My questions are - what should I be looking for (other than losing all my oil from a severe crack or leak in, from or around the pan). I have read that such damage to the oil pan could result in the pump being killed and/or the engine being starved of oil even if there is oil in there. It will be a couple of days until I can drive around to see how things behave like the alignment. Has anyone had something like this happen?

It is always something. This was really upsetting. It was the worst "accident" in terms of how bad the impact was I have ever been in.

Re: smashed into a median
Thursday, May 16, 2019 9:59 AM
I wouldn't even start the engine if the oil pan's smashed.
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