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FS-bunch of big house things
Monday, September 29, 2008 9:22 PM
hey all, i'm wanting to check interest in a few things i have for sale. i'll get pictures up as soon as i can.

i recently purchased a house and the wife wanted all black appliances, therefore, my white appliances need to go.

--i have an 18.1 cubic foot kenmore refrigerator. its the freezer on top style. it was purchased in august of 2006 and has been sitting in my parents garage for the past 6 months. everything on it works fine, no major scratches or anything. i was hoping for around $400. i understand you can get cheaper fridges out there, but c'mon, 2 years old...

--also have a 31 inch dishwasher. this was already in the house. the inspector that i paid to check out the house ran the dishwasher through two complete cycles. there were no leaks, it was steaming when we opened the door so the heat dry works. water came out of the breather on the sink, so the rinse cycle works. the inspector GUESSED that the dishwasher was less than 4 years old. i'm not sure, but i think its a whirlpool, i will confirm when i post pictures. i was thinking maybe $100 to pick it up, $120 and i'll deliver around 20-30 minutes.

--also have a 32" sylvania TUBE TV. this is not a flat screen. i purchased this the same day i purchased the refrigerator. mid august of 2006. its not a huge brand name, but is has served me well and has a pretty good picture for a lower end tv. the best offer i've had on this tv is $150 from my little brother. he's already got a 27" though so he told me if i can get more for it, to do so.

--lastly, i have a 52" samsung projection screen TV. this was given to me by my neighbor. it needs a $100 color wheel which i currently have on order. i decided that 52 inches was too big for my living room, so i don't want it. i have no idea what to ask for this thing, but don't insult me with a $50 offer.

so i guess thats it, all prices are negotiable. i won't ship any of this stuff because its all heavy and bulky. you can pick up in moreno valley (15 minutes outside of riverside, half hour from corona and san berni), or i'll deliver with 15-30 minutes.

thanks for looking all, and i'll try to get pictures up either tomorrow or wednesday.

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Re: FS-bunch of big house things
Wednesday, October 01, 2008 8:20 AM
ok here's the pictures. the only thing i can't get a picture of yet is the refrigerator, its at my parents house still. my younger brother is going to try to get a picture to me today.

52" samsung DLP tv. the store i ordered the color wheel gave me a refund because they were out of stock. the color wheel can be found on ebay for around 100-130 bucks. part number BP96-00674A. there is an online tutorial i found that walks you through how to replace it in about 30 minutes

32" sylvania tv

31" KENMORE dishwasher. i thought it was a whirlpool, but its kenmore. the inside is rust free, just needs a good cleaning on the outside and it'd be good to go.

i'm open to offers on everything, so just let me know. reply here, pm, or email to bkk6869@yahoo.com


Re: FS-bunch of big house things
Wednesday, October 01, 2008 12:21 PM
52" it not too big . I have a 42" Samsung DLP and I LOVE it.

Re: FS-bunch of big house things
Wednesday, October 01, 2008 12:50 PM
couch to tv in my living room is only about 8 feet. it was too big. my 42" vizio is damn near perfect. i probably would have been a little happier with a 47" but i'm not going to complain. its a bitchin tv

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