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M62 Kit
Friday, November 05, 2010 1:39 PM
I am thinking about getting rid of all my blower stuff. This is just a feeler really to see if there would be any interest in it. I would still love to put this on the car, but really dont have the time anymore. The only thing that I know of that I dont have is the brake booster line, but I am told it is a very easy fix to make the stock one work. I also adapted a bypass valve actuator off of a m90 to work with this blower.

The kit has the following;

Port and Polished M62 Blower with interchangable pulley hub
stock pulley 3.34
3.1 pulley
3.0 pulley
2.9 pulley
Belt Tensioner
stock length belt (cut to 5 ribs)
GM Stage 2 belt (cut to 5 ribs)
Intake Manifold
Brand new GM intake makifold gasket
LSJ alternator
alternator bracket
Brand new 2.5 tmap sensor and harness
ECU flashed for 03+ 5 speed
H/E Pump Bracket
SVT/Garrett Heat Exchanger
7 36 lb/hr (the ones that came in the GMPP kit) injectors
Triple gauge pillar pod
K&N elbow adaptor to use with AEM CIA
3-4 bottles of supercharger oil
4 inch elbow to use with LS1 TB
LS1 TB - M62 adaptor (made by Airtonics on jbody.org)
"supercharged" badges
Bolts and hardware needed to install kit. I am almost positive that everything is there. Would be up to final purchaser to verify before install.

The following stuff will be shipped seperate. I have agreed to purchase this stuff already, and have made a few payments on it. Once money is recieved for the "kit" if I havent already paid this stuff off, I will pay it off, and have the original seller ship to whoever buys it.

Cyberdyne Digital boost gauge
Cyberdyne Digital Oil Pressure gauge
Innovate Wideband
AIS Meth injection kit, with 2-3 1 gallon bottles of Boost Juice Meth/water mixture

Im sure there are a few other things slipping my head right now. If you need more info, PM me.

Re: M62 Kit
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 5:51 PM

no longer for sale

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