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FS: M62 eco kit
Monday, September 26, 2011 7:59 AM
selling this entire kit, EVERYTHING is included MINUS the upper radiator hose and coolant lines for heat exchanger.
this kit includes:
Low mileage M62 blower unit, STOCK.
OEM intake gasket, as well as manifold to blower gasket.
manifold brace and bolts require to bolt to block and manifold.
Intake manifold to head bolts, as well as the 4 bolts to mount blower unit to manifold.
The blower has the adapter plate FROM the original kit, already mounted to blower inlet, so no worries about making one.
OEM reservoir for heat exchanger coolant.
as well as the driver belt, 3400 miles on this.
all new tensioner, idler and alternator bracket, with the longer bolts.
These are the brand new never-used parts, CxRacing HI-capacity heat exchanger, with twin 7 inch cooling fans
Brand new Bosch pump as well.
I can also throw in a new modular hub and the used 3.1 zzp pulley and the new 2.8 Intense racing pulley i have as well.
i can provide any pictures that you need, just let me know.
wanting to sell this relatively soon @ only 1800$
Text or email me @ 216-704-461four or @ mattg9002@gmail.com

Built&Boosted moar
04 Cavalier Turbo r.i.p my baby
2nd place 2009 GM tuner bash qwick 8--holla

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