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Part out Feeler thread???
Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:27 AM
o. i dont know what im going to do. trade in?? i dont know. i need to figure it out tho. so. im gauging interest to see what could be sold if the time comes. i dont want " i want this part but i have no money. will you hold it for 3 years"....... it wont happen. you either have the money or can get the money and want it. or not. so please no dibs posts... so heres what will be for sale

Fiber Images OEM CF hood----- this hood has a FULL Carbon fiber sell. no fiberglass at all. its VERY light but need a bit of love. 200$ plus stock INDIGO hood

Carbon Fiber Tech Trunk---- got this trunk at the beginning of this year in kind of rough shape. i recleared it with about 5 coats of clear just about a month ago. has a brace on the inside for stability that i made since its kind of flimsy. but its in excellent shape. no scratches. needs cut and buffed but that can be done for you if need be. 300$

18" Azul Razr wheels with Sunny SN2800 tires---- Wheels are also brand new and condition shows. all of you know what they look like. they have roughly 6000 miles on them. and come with lugnuts 500$ plus trade of stock 95-99 Z wheels or 02+ LS Sport wheels with lugnuts and good tire tread

Kyb AGX Struts with Eibach Pro-Kit springs---- Springs are in great shape, front shocks are good, rears are shot. i bought these off rob only months ago so he also knows the condition. 200$

Yonaka Synthetic Leather racing seats---- The drivers seat is kind of rough. and the passanger has a small tear that can be sewn shut. comes with brackets for direct bolt in application. 100$ plus stock cavy or fire seats

Toyota Cavalier Mirrors---- also only bought months ago. have been on my car since. in great shape with no cracks. they do not come with the relays or anything. just mirrors. 130$

Toyota Cavalier Outers with Painted inners---- once again i havent had these long either. outers are in EXCELLENT shape. inners were painted to match the actually toyo inners that i didnt like. these do not come with harnesses but will come with all the parts to make them work. 130$

Ebay short shifter with REAL carbon Fiber knob--- theres not much else to say lol. 50$ plus stocker

RK Sportish Intake---- its the RK Sport Throttle body adaper with a ebay intake attached. also comes with a Camaro Screw in IAT Sensor and i would need your stock one. no midification needs to be done for this sensor. 60$ plus stock intake

The header WILL stay on the car as i dont have the time or the urge to pull that @!#$ off. the skirts and all lips will also stay on the car as i want to keep it as nice as possible in order to sell or trade it in. my audio system will all come out and be installed in the new vehicle. anyways. this is what i have to offer. the Car may also be purchased as is for 6500 obo

Re: Part out Feeler thread???
Tuesday, July 28, 2009 1:30 PM
pixs of the ebay short shift with REAL cf shift knob.... Is it just the lever or lever and linkage???
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