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Selling my '96 Sunfire GT (Purple)
Friday, February 23, 2007 7:14 PM
I will be selling my 96 GT in about a week. Just bought a new truck and need to sell this one. I'm in Tulsa, OK

New tires (on front)
Brand new wipers
Changing the oil this weekend (as was done every 3000, since we bought it in 98 or so)

2- Bazooka Subs, custom box made to fit in from the back seat
Bazooka Amp mounted to the back of the back seat
Alpine Detachable face CD player
Tinted windows, (Strip on windshield, sides, back window is not tinted)
New headlights
Original wheels, w/ new tires on front with less than 5K on them. (Sumatumo (SP?)
Brakes and Rotors replaced about 3K miles ago at last oil change.
Replaced tranny @ 100K with a tranny from one with 35K (Reverse is a little whiney, I am sure I don't have to tell you that.....)
it has 118K on it now, mostly highway miles, because I commuted to work 40 miles one way for work for a few years
A/C works, Heater works.
Minor dents and scratches, I will be having it professionally detailed, waxed, buffed, interior shampooed this week.

Could use new seats, no rips or tears just a little worn. but it's an overall a great car.

Clear title.

Looking for about $2,000.00 (OBO) because of the stereo equipment. It hits pretty hard.

I will hate to see it go, but I got two kids and there's just not enough room and I went and bought a new Chevy Extended Cab truck

I have one offer of $1,600.00 now, but I don't want to sell it to him, a 17 year old kid which will be his 3rd car, I am sure he would tear it up in no time....

Let me know if anyone is interested. I will get pics after the detail this week.


i forgot to mention that the clutch was replaced with the tranny @ 100K. It's brand new. Replaced plugs and coils as well.

and one more thing.... It's a 5 speed manual

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