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98-02 2200 FWD Needed for mockup
Wednesday, March 07, 2007 11:28 PM
Local Arizona based fabricator needs 98-02 Cavalier or whatever else came with the 2200.
Compensation will be offered.

needed soon, within the next month.

I come from the Nissan/Ford//Sandrail world, very new to FWD chevy's...
I have simply noticed the lack of a decent experienced LOCAL fabricator for the gm fwd world that ISN'T a hack.
the "I" in this company has since become a "we" since downsizing shops for the better, and WE are SOON ready to work with a dedicated
enthusiast fully willing and capable to cooperate on projects with us, spend time showing it off for us... sounds like a partial-sponsorship to me...

What I am looking for:
- a VERY VERY dedicated individual ready and willing to cooperate with us. What does this mean? If you are a slob and never clean your car or your room, this is not you. You are unorganized and will fall through faster than acid on a kleenex. If you are a very honest individual already involved with the tuning community, are very technical and able to work on anything on your car because your not afraid, then we are getting warm. Very VERY familiar with this chassis? getting hotter indeed... Self-sufficient person is needed, yet we will still work with timeline/budget of said person. YOU will pay for parts and materials + small compensation, yet will be part of the TEAM. Sound like you'll be spending alot of money? We won't be bolting pre-made stuff up to your car here, no Orange County Shoppers stuff. 99% Of what we will make is pure hand fabricated. Meaning this - you save 70-80% PLUS the added benefit of truly being a prototype vehicle; truly one of a kind.

Get it?


Notice how I didn't make mention of what we will be doing?
Imagine it... that's just it. anything. we're fabricators. steel, aluminum, composites...

What do we have in mind for your vehicle?

IF your our guy/gal, you'll find out soon. If not? don't cry yet... were just getting started.

Email here...


Fabricator X

Re: 98-02 2200 FWD Needed for mockup
Thursday, March 08, 2007 12:21 AM
I see you're already on AZJBO. good.
you'll find what you're looking for soon.

just out of curiosity, why Cavalier/Sunfires?

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Re: 98-02 2200 FWD Needed for mockup
Thursday, March 08, 2007 7:57 AM
Well, even from my limited experience with performance vehicles, I have found that ANY vehicle can be made to do great things with the right gear/setup. What limited items I have seen for the jbody has made it very clear to me that these vehicles are handicapped with limited parts to choose from... However, I will NEVER cap myself on one vehicle. Alot of old school-mates actually work for Full-Race, I am good friends with them and give infinite respect to those guys, and therefore I will not try to compete with them for 800whp hondas haha.
Also, through my mostly being involved with the custom metal fabrication since i was a mid-teen, I have kept my expectations for myself high. Meaning, while I see ALOT of custom built products roll out the door of many shops, pay attention to them. I mean REALLY look at them... yikes!

unfortunately, these are the only pics of my stuff i have on photobucket...

and that cage was a POS might I add... the whole reason I will focus on ONE person at a time, as i have buried myself before and am still feeling the repercussions of doing such.

I will make sure customer service will remain #1

Fabricator X
Re: 98-02 2200 FWD Needed for mockup
Thursday, March 08, 2007 8:40 PM
Oh man, why can't anyone do this in UT? Based on the description, I'd be a perfect candidate.

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Re: 98-02 2200 FWD Needed for mockup
Thursday, March 08, 2007 9:23 PM
move to mesa please

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