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for sale stuff
Wednesday, September 02, 2009 4:04 PM
im starting with these , as i dig more out ill be adding more as i get pics

no pics of the motegi's yet , but ive got a set of 17x8 track lites , 1 of 2 custom sets made from motegi , and only 5x100 set , other set were red and for a honda

asking 1400.00 obo , pic for now is the car they came off of from sema

koesi K1's 15x7 , light weight wheels , the dont use a center cap , only made 7-8 passes at the track , i dont remember the offset , but i had 235/60/15's bfg dr's and slammed and no rub , and they are 26" tall tires

rims only 260 obo

polished 3" aluminum tubing 2 straight , and 1 (guessing) 30degree bend

40.00 obo

autometer single gauge pod , part # 15-101 not sure what kinda car , but will work on a 95-02 j-body


isotta auto pedals , these came from a cobalt sema car , so used less than a couple hundred miles , like new

50.00 obo

00-02 cavalier Z24/LS sport tall rear spoiler , will fit 95-02 bolts in place of the stock low spoiler , fits 2dr and 4dr , also will fit 95-02 sunfire 4dr ONLY , 03-05 cavaliers and the 4dr sunfire will require a little extra work because of the panel bolts to the trunk

this is for the sand drift metallic spoiler only(silver was sold) 80.00 obo

Re: for sale stuff
Monday, September 14, 2009 7:03 PM
Pictures of the actual traklites that your selling? how many miles on them? what kind/brand/size tires come with the rims?

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