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Anyone able to tune in AZ?
Thursday, May 09, 2013 9:48 PM
Hey guys, Before I start doing and getting any work on my car performance wise, I'd like to find someone who has experience tuning in Arizona, and who has the proper equipment, I don't have the money nor the know-how or balls to tune my own car. I'm running a '02 Base Coupe Cav, on a completely stock 2200. Located in Surprise, 85379. Goals are All-Motor with primarily headwork (P&P), 1.6:1 Rocker Arms, Valvetrain items, Header and Intake/TB Mods. And then deciding on staying N/A or going Turbo, with either having a accompanying Cam.

If anyone is able to, perhaps let me know what you usually charge for a initial tune and later modifications and tweaking, on top of the cost of a HP Tuner Credit to license my car, or all together in one number. Or if anyone knows someone who is able to get me in contact with that person, that'd be amazing.


Re: Anyone able to tune in AZ?
Friday, May 10, 2013 10:17 PM
There are not very many people that tune jbodys here in az anymore. Psycosteve used to be killer on ecos but last i heard he wont touch a j any longer. Alan or californiadomestics was pretty good from what ive heard but he seems to have fallen off tue face of the earth. Although i did spot his car a couple months ago around 75th and mcdowell.

There are also very few tuning shops that can properly tune our pcm. They may be familiar with gm but its all v8 stuff.

I persnally had to borrow hpt from a buddy and do a rough tune when i finished my turbo build on the z.

"Oil Leak ? What oil Leak ? Oh, Thats Just The Sweat From All The HorsePower!!"

Re: Anyone able to tune in AZ?
Monday, May 13, 2013 10:42 PM
.......didn't I say this lol start reading I'm buying hpt but I know 0 as of now.
Allen I talked to him 2 months ago on here he's busy on other forms and with work.
Steve will still tune don't have the drive like he use to.
Lot of shops won't touch our cars one I got to do mine got half fast done!
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