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For Sale/ Part Out
Wednesday, August 06, 2014 3:12 PM
Up for sale is a 2004 Sunfire. Car has many upgrades. Here is a link to the pictures thread for the car.

Buy the entire car, or be willing to offer stock parts for the aftermarket parts you would like. I am willing to part out as long as the car remains drivable. All offers will be considered, as long as the car stays drivable 100%. Meaning I have to have stock parts in return for aftermarket parts, and you will have to mail me yours before I mail you mine.

Make all offers a price + actual shipping. I will get quotes, and ship as much as I can in the prepaid USPS boxes. prices on shipping flat rate can be found here

The car is a project/race car. Not suitable for daily driving by anyone other then someone who knows/builds/maintains cars. I drove this car daily for 4 years in the configuration it is currently in. This is not a car to buy for your 16 year old who just got their DL. This car needs to be owned by someone who will keep up on it. 150k on the odometer. It runs and drives fine, but with that amount of milage, sometimes a few things need to be done. oil checked regularly, and things like that. I bought a new car in October, so there are lot of upgrades ready to bolt on still.

Pre 2003 Dash
Wilwood Front brakes (kit purchased from Wilwood)
Saturn retrofit rear brakes (kit designed and built by enthusiast at JBODY.ORG)
Konig Feather 17 inch 10 spoke wheels (some curb rash)
VIS Evo Style Carbon Fiber Hood
Black Vinyl on the roof (could use redoing or peeling off completely)
Trunk "filler" panel plastidipped black
B&M short shifter
Clear side markers with LED lights
BC Coilovers (BC front mounts and stock style rear strut mounts)
Addco (I believe) rear sway bar
GM front convertable and OVERKILL rear strut bar
Twin lightweight batteries relocated to the trunk (setting up for drag racing)
Full size spare tire mounted in the trunk (to fit over front brakes)
Cobalt SS/SC (lsj) valve cover modified to fit
Cobalt SS/SC (lsj) header
Magnaflow Exhaust (needs redone, all parts to redo will be included in with the car. Just take to a shop to weld it up)
Gauges installed in custom pod where radio used to be (boost and oil pressure work but at not lit, and AFR gauge is inplace but no wired up.
Upgraded Cobalt SS/SCPVC system with extra port on the valve cover
Custom heat exchanger and tank setup. (Cobra Heat Exchanger, and pump, custom 1+gallon tank)
Sparco front seats (1 Fighter style, 1 Torino) could use some TLC

Here is the fun part. This car is supercharged. It has a supercharger set up from a LSJ Cobalt SS. It was 100% bolt on and no internal engine modifications were needed. The blower setup includes a 4.3L 75mm VORTEC truck throttle body, and a 4 inch custom intake that is brand new just installed last weekend. It has a tune on the computer that is from GM. 100% drivable and 100% emissions legal.

This kit includes:

GM reflashed computer that is locked and cannot be tuned. (I have a unlocked tunable computer that will come with the car.)
Ported and polished M62 supercharger with swappable pullies. Installed is the 3.0 pulley (I have the 3.34 and a 2.9 as well)
Belt tensioner
LSJ SS Cobalt Alternator
Intake Manifold
Custom water tank
SVT Cobra heat exhanger
SVT Cobra H/E pump
LSJ SS Cobalt H/E bracket
All hardware needed to install

This car has many many many extras. I have things that are not even installed yet. Everything I have will come with the car. All new exhaust components. If I bought it and have not installed it, it will come with it. Car could use a new set of tires. Too much to list it all. I have a computer ready for a tune, and all kinds of things. LOTS AND LOTS OF EXTRAS!!!

There is easily 20k in this car. I have 1000's of pictures, every modification was documented and many pictures taken. Please email me with any requests, or any addition info that you would like. Emails go straight to my phone. Leave a number and I will call you or text you back.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014 3:15 PM
Re: For Sale/ Part Out
Thursday, August 07, 2014 6:34 AM

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