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I need some opinions
Friday, June 15, 2012 11:04 PM
So I have been having problems with my car overheating even in cool temperatures and driving down Deerfoot trail in Calgary. So today I turned the car on and let it run for 15 -20 minutes with me standing there listening for odd things or smells. nothing. It stayed at normal operating temperature the whole time. I then decided to take it for a quick drive around the block and the temp gauge started to rise pretty quick, so I returned home. I then Emptied the radiator and tested the thermostat in a pot of boiling water and it seemed to operate well. My water pump is not making any unsual noises and i have not noticed any leaks from it. My motor is a 2200.

My next thought is either the radiator is clogged or the water pump has a broken fin.

Also I have checked all of the signs that would point out that I have a blown headgasket and it seems that everything is ok in that regard.

I would greatly appreciate and feedback and questions.

I am looking for struts for my newly aquired Eibach pro-kit performance coils, If anybody has some?

Re: I need some opinions
Monday, June 18, 2012 7:44 AM
2.2 yuck!!!!! Anyways your on the right path rads are cheap you CAN try a flush. Good way to check the road is squeeze all read lines Should have some sort of pressure. If not she's clogged. Thermostat well... there's no harm in changing as sometime problems can be intermittent. Is your fan coming on at all?when was the last time you changed the coolant or tested it?

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