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Rwd 4.3 v6 swap ?
Friday, November 08, 2013 9:18 PM
Ok I know this sounds like a long stot but does any body think it would even be close to possable to swap the v6 drivetrain from an s10 Into a cavalier ? In not worried about money I'm just more wanting to see if any one thinks it can be done ... And if this is not the right spot for this question could Somone pint me to the right spot thanks

Re: Rwd 4.3 v6 swap ?
Saturday, November 09, 2013 12:17 AM
Anything is possible with enough money, time and know how! Its just gonna be ALOT of fabrication. But if thats what you really wanna do dont let anyone on here tell you otherwise. It would definitely be a one of a kind!

Re: Rwd 4.3 v6 swap ?
Saturday, November 09, 2013 8:43 PM
Mines sitting on an s10 frame.
If you really wish to do this route, you're going to have to cut the floor, and raise it about 3 inches unless you want your cav looking like a lifted 4x4.
You'll also have to make room for the frame rails as well though.
Shortbox s10 has the exact same wheelbase as a cavalier(at least the older ones).
You'd also have to weld on an extention to your steering column and twist it a bit to make that work.
It has the potential to be cheaper and easier then most people think too(but not if you want to do it the right way haha)

Here's a pic showing what it looks like when you don't make room for frame rails lol.

This is an old picture of my cavalier mind you,
but this is how much you see of the frame once you raise the floor three inches.
You can't see it too well, because you have to look right under the side skirt, but you can still see it.

More reference since you got me stalking my own build,
you can see I raised the floor to the top of the rockers in order to make room.

Also just for another reference of s10 on a cavalier, here's a third gen with a s10 frame.

If you were to do this, why would you use a v6? v8s are cheap and plentiful, and easy to stuff in there.
If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I've done a lot of research haha. I have a ton of pictures, and know where a lot of build logs are online.
I also have tons of pictures from my project aha.
Re: Rwd 4.3 v6 swap ?
Sunday, November 10, 2013 3:26 AM
WOW Yet another Canadian interested in a RWD Cavy.
Hi Jeremy,
Cody's right. There will be lots of fabrication, Hope you can weld or have a buddy who can and a place to do all of this.
What style of car are you looking to build? Sleeper, Pro Street, etc. You considering a cage of some sort? You still want to keep the climate controls? Auto or manual. Manual is harder (pedal and master arrangement). Power brakes? The power brake booster will also be difficult to respect.
Get a detailed plan together first. Easy for these kind of projects to get discouraged and scrapped.
What ever you decide. We can help you get answers to problems you come across.


Mikey G

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