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A Ton Of Misc Parts I have For Sale!!!!!
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 7:02 PM
Hey guys, Im going to give this thread about a month, then Ill have it deleted. Figured it would be easier to post here then have 10 classifieds adds. If nothing more, Ill keep this stuff and use it when needed. So here it is. Per the rules, i know some of this stuff can be shipped, but for the price of the parts, shipping them would be more expensive then what Im asking. ALL PRICES ARE OBO or EVEN TRADE!!!!!!! IM UP FOR ANYTHING!!!!

2000-2002 Z24 Rear Bumper (NO LIP) asking 100.00 for it, and its mint, no scratches, and white.

1995-1999 Z24 Front and Rear Bumpers White, decent shape, rear bumper is good, front bumper is also good, but has small "nick" in the lip that can be filled in and smoothed out, has been sanded down for paint, just ended up never using them. Asking $75 each, or $125 for both.

1995-1999 Dash pad $20 Nothing wrong never messed with.

1995-1999 Dash bezel $10 nothing wrong clean

1995-1999 COMPLETE SEAT ASSEMBLIES Both Front and Rear. Black with Red Speckle. Decent shape, needs cleaning. One head rest is a bit worn. This also come with seat risers and adjusters. Asking $125 for the WHOLE SET FRONT AND REAR. TRADE PENDING (forgot to add that) If not picked up by weekend they will go back for sale!!!!!!

1995-2005 Black Door panels with black cloth w/ red speckle insert. Inserts a bit worn, but no cracks or anything wrong asking $40 each, I have 1 of each side for 2 door coupe.

1995-2002 Soundspeed Type 2 Dual Snorkal Hood. Is off red right now, been lightly sanded for paint, just never got to finish it. Great shape. Comes with Sparco Hood Pins Complete Asking $100

2002 Ls Sport Side Skirts. Clean. Yellow in color. Asking $50 for the set.

2002 Lss Stock Hood. Yellow in color. From my buddies old car and was in accident so you can see a crease that was "repaired" but did work fine on buddies car. If you want it, come get it, FREE!!!

2000 Z24 Convertible Side Skirts White in color. Asking $30 for the set. No cracks 1 sanded to paint to install on girls car, never did it.

1995-1999 Front Stock Headlight Housings. No cracks, needs to have headlight restore done on them, asking $10 each or $15 for the set.

1995-1999 Clear Bumper Lights 1 has crack on side, but not on main part of lense, $5 set

1995-1999 Z24 Foglight housings only. No mounting bracket, but has adjusters on them. They were painted over and I cleaned them up alot. Asking $5 set

1995-1999 (Maybe higher not sure) Foglight/dimmer switch assembly $5 W/ Harness with small amount of wiring on back of harness to wire it in.

1995-1999 Power window switch, pictures worn off, but do work, $5

2000-2002 Complete Stock Taillights (Inner and outers) $15

1995-2000 Cavalier Convertible Rear window assemblies and tracks with glass. Direct bolt up. Asking $40 each assembly, I have one of each side.

1999 Z24 Radio tape deck, want it come get it FREE It does work.

If anything, just post up, or pm me and we can go from there. I will be asking the MODS to delete this in a month, unless there is some active posts going on in here. Last call for them, after this, I wont be selling them anymore. Thanks guys!!!
Oh and the smaller stuff I have no issues shipping, but at ur cost. If we meet somewhere, and its not too far, the price wont change. But if its a little farther then I feel like driving, then Ill add a reasonable amount for time/gas, make sense?? i also cannot carry large objects since I only have my J, so please dont ask to meet up for the hood unless ur willing to pay for the truck rental. Thanks!

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Re: A Ton Of Misc Parts I have For Sale!!!!!
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 7:16 PM
Ok, fog light assemblies and Clear turn signal assemblies are sale pending. Everything else is still for sale.

Re: A Ton Of Misc Parts I have For Sale!!!!!
Thursday, November 18, 2010 4:38 PM
REMEMBER PEOPLE THESE ARE OBO!!! Nothing is written in stone so make a offer. Im also open to any/all trades so dont hesitate!!

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