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Going to sell the Vert...
Thursday, August 29, 2013 9:17 AM
Hey guys, I figured I would post this here. I want to sell my vert, but it wont happen until I get the title from my BK. Which *should* be in September. So here is what I have and whats Im asking

2000 Z24 Cavalier Convertible
White interior
White Top
White (mostly) car
03 front end swap
RKS ram air hood
140Ish K on the body
Ecotec Swapped
19K on eng and trans when installed aprox 35K on it now
It does need work, so im going to ask really cheap for it.

$2500 OBO

It does run, and run good. I love the car, just dont have the time or energy to keep it going. It will need some TLC. As I said, I did the 03+ swap to the front, but its cheaply painted so the car would need new paint, it has the typical rust over the drivers side rear wheel well, it will need a new steering rack (header wore thru it), and brakes (typical). If I get 2500 for it, Ill buy you all the parts (MINUS BODY REPAIR) such as all new brakes and PS rack, all brand new, and from Napa and top quality. The top also has a tear in it on the drivers side, but it does not affect the top at all. The interior is good (no rips in the white vynal (SP?) at all!! The dash has the typical cracks and such but I have other dash boards for it that you can have one and just repair it. The radio will be the stock AM/FM CD cassette player. Like I said, it needs some TLC and I just dont have time for it. Trying to drum up some interest for it. I have pics on my phone, so fel free to pm me and ill text you some pics. I would love to see this go to someone here that will enjoy it as much as I did. Oh and the stop does work, and the rear window is not coming undone. Thanks again guys!!

Re: Going to sell the Vert...
Friday, August 30, 2013 1:25 PM
Wish I was close sigh
Re: Going to sell the Vert...
Monday, September 02, 2013 6:16 PM
shipping can happen and it isn't as expensive as you would think :-)

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