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Leona, the part out...
Monday, August 20, 2012 8:30 PM
It had to happen sooner or later, so here it is.
The engine and blower are already gone, as well as the Teins and front bumper and lip. I have heard countless amounts of times how "oh sell me this" "I want your brakes" "I would kill for your suspension"
So here is your chance. Money talks here.

Front cradle with Eibach sway bar, new urethane end links, seem welded control arms with prothane bushings, TTR K brace $200
Rear trailing arm with Eibach sway bar, trailblazer tie bar, Jeffeys solid delrin bushings, braided steel brake lines from the body to the trailing arm and SSBC 12 inch disc conversion $600
(I will seperate parts from the front or rear, but it will be cheaper to buy them complete)
Wilwood front brake conversion. $500
Completely custom wire tuck harness. Its for a 99 2.4 5 speed. The oil pressure sender, rear O2, evap, ABS and airbag wiring have been eliminated. I will include the engine harness, sub harness to connect to the dash harness and the dash harness. The ECM and engine fuse block go where the passenger airbag used to be. All you need to do is drill your firewall on the passenger side and done. There is over 50 hours into this harness alone, I will also throw in the custom headlight harness that runs through the frame rails at no extra charge. $500
TTR engine and trans mounts. The engine mounts are the polished ones with black inserts and the trans ones are the solid black. If you have a getrag, I can press out the bushings. $200
Isuzu 5 speed transmissions. I have 2 of these, the one in the car and a spare. I will throw in the bulley stage 4 clutch at no charge for the first person to buy either one of these. $250 each
B&M short throw shifter, I will include the shifter cable with this $100
Polished wilwood brake master cylinder $200
Cooling mist alcohol injection kit. All the lines have been upgraded to nylon with quick disconnects at every joint. I also purchased the boost solenoid from snow performance for installation after the throttle body. This prevents the fluid from getting sucked in under normal driving conditions when its not supposed to be on. I will throw in the tapped throttle body spacer at no charge. $200
Complete kit to eliminate coolant overflow tank in engine bay. Including the moroso filler. This is literally a 30 minute job to convert it all $50
Brand new Intercooler, 2.5 inlet and outlet. 3 inches thick. I don’t have the measurements on me, but I will get them soon. $200
Axis touring cup wheels, 18x7, BFG KDW tires, 225/40zr08 tires. To be honest, these rims have seen better days, they have some scuffs on them. The tires have lots of tread but have weather cracks on the side. They still grip amazingly $400
Import fighter sides, fresh black paint from this year on them. $200
03+ z24 rear, black in paint but has scratches on it. Recomend to repaint. $100
Carbon fiber turbo sport hood. Drilled for hood pins. I will include a set of sparco pins. The hood needs a sand and reclear, aside from that, its in really good shape and fits REALLY well. $500
Carbon fiber trunklid. It has a couple small spots that arent perfect. The clear peeled off right where it meets the rear window in a very small spot. Much like the hood though, it fits really well. $200
Toyota cavalier tail lights. I will include the wiring that we did to make them work $150
Exhaust, the downpipe sold with the engine, but everything back from that is available. High flow cat, resinator, magnaflow muffler. 2.5 inch piping $100
Momo black leather steering wheel with hub adapter $150
Triple gauge pod $20
AEM UEGO wideband O2 sensor. The sensor was bought brand new this spring $150
Autometer boost/vacuum gauge. Again, bought brand new this spring $50
Autometer Mechanical oil pressure gauge with brass line upgrade $50
Yonaka Ronin black leather racing seats, rear bench seat re-wrapped to match fronts. The fronts have the mounting brackets to make them a bolt in. $450 for everything. I will separate front and rear, but it will be $300 for the fronts and $200 for the rears.
Complete charcoal interior, minus the seats. This will include the smoothed and painted radio bezel and 2000+ centre console $200
And finally, the shell. Its in REALLY good shape for a 99. The underbody was completely sanded down then got 3 coats of etching primer and 3 coats of ryno liner. Im sure you guys have seen the engine bay. There is a small spot on the passenger side where the filler cracked when I bottomed out in Michigan. Wayde said it wouldn’t be an issue at all to blow it in. $500

I KNOW Im missing a few things here. Everything is first come first serve. I will NOT take payment plans and I will NOT reserve anything for somebody. If you want something, come with cash. Shipping will be available for most stuff at buyers expense.

Re: Leona, the part out...
Sunday, February 03, 2013 10:17 AM
Dude where are you located, I wanna see the hood, and how much for the drum to disk converstion?
Re: Leona, the part out...
Sunday, February 03, 2013 12:40 PM
Sorry Dude it's all sold
Re: Leona, the part out...
Tuesday, February 05, 2013 7:10 PM
Wow, old thread revival. lol
The only things left are the harness, upper engine mount and small misc stuff.

Re: Leona, the part out...
Thursday, February 07, 2013 5:28 PM
What small stuff do you have left?
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