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2003 Cavalier For Sale in VA w/ lots of cool parts! Coming Soon
Thursday, December 14, 2017 8:36 PM
Hi, guys - yeah, I know - no photos yet. I own a vehicle graphics company and need to strip the decals off before I take pics (this will leave the paint in perfect shape)

Just sort of gauging interest for now, car will be available around the end of this year.

It's a 2003 Arrival Blue Cav with the following perks:

Power Everything - locks, windows, sunroof, etc

Upper Dash cover (to hide the parts that break up by the windshield)

New Paint - painted tail lights and rear bezel to match car.

RK Sport Body Kit in great condition, rear and sides (no valance) Its the one with the dual exhaust slots

Speaking of which, car has custom dual exhaust with chrome Camaro-style tips and Magnaflows

Chrome LS Sport wheels - a few scratches on a couple but easily repaired - great overall condition. Tires are in OK shape.

Q-Logic speaker pods that are custom-fit for the Cav and are mounted forward of the front doors

Projector headlights

Shaved door locks and FM antenna, also body mouldings

3-m carbon fiber wrapping on many interior parts, fuel door, etc.

Interior is in good shape. I have made many trips to salvage yards to find best pieces possible.

Aftermarket head unit and speakers

Seats in good shape, small tear in the usual spot on d/s

New sway bars, front struts, upper A arms.

Comes with car cover

I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff - will post a few photos soon.

Car is on second Ecotec. The mileage is NOT correct due to an electrical issue that randomly changed mileage up 50-75 miles every time car was turned off and on.

Best guess is that the car as a whole has around 200k and the second engine is closer to 150k.

Uses a bit of oil. Needs power steering fluid every few months do to tiny leak somewhere in the rack and pinion system.

Car has an electrical issue that needs to be fixed, which is why its not 100% ready yet. I am dropping it off with mechanic as soon as I pick up my new vehicle.

Everything works except radio, gauges and headlights. I will make sure this is fixed. If anyone just wants it for the parts, PLEASE contact me so I can avoid paying for diagnostics and labor.

Its a long story but basically replacing the fuse panel did not help and they think its some kind of a grounding or relay issue.

If anyone is interested, or wants photos of specific things, please email me at supernovasigns@yahoo.com

I prefer to sell it all at once but will consider parting it out if I can't. Larger items like body kit would be pick up only or meet somewhere in VA as close as possible to DC area.

Thanks! I will get on the pics

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