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Attn: Raven/James
Saturday, March 28, 2009 4:38 PM

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Re: Attn: Raven/James
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 3:45 PM
I have tried to contact James with no luck of a return text message/phone call/email, etc. If anyone has been able or are able to contact him, please do so and tell him Isaak wishes to have the flywheel (or $450 if there is damage to it) asap.

I wish not to give details about this but if James wishes to do business in this manner, I will give all details, and they are not good.


Re: Attn: Raven/James
Friday, April 24, 2009 12:17 AM
I have been trying to get ahold of him for a few days. I am planning on getting back to see him to get my car tuned next week. I think he was heading to NB for the car show. Did you get your flywheel resurfaced? Anyways, if I get a hold of him I'll let you know.

Re: Attn: Raven/James
Friday, April 24, 2009 5:42 AM
No.... here is the story.

June 19th he received a box from me. The items included a Racetech aluminum flywheel ($750), 3800 engine harness, Sunfire engine harness, GP GTP PCM and various wiring pieces for the swap. Our agreement (even though he denies it, but yet I have proof of) was to trade the flywheel for a redone harness for a 3800 engine swap into my Sunfire. He is the one who came to me needing the flywheel because he had messed up his. I offered his services of doing the harness in trade of the flywheel, I believe this was fair and he agreed.

I clearly stated to him that I was in no rush for the harness as I had other things to do to the car first, but I had no idea this was going to take over 10 months to accomplish. He stated to me by text message and email that his guy hadn't touched it yet, but I had told him no rush sure as hell didn't mean take a year. In January he told me that the harness was half done, okay great... less than 3 weeks later when I had asked for another update, he had asked me for the harness information, what year the harness's were from so his guy knew.... what the hell? If he was half done, this information would be already in his head, he wouldn't need it again!

I gave him the information and told him I needed it by March 1st, that's when I was ready and there was no need for it to take longer than this, this was in January mind you. March has obviously come and gone and so has April (minus a week) and I still had not heard from him, plenty of text messages, phone calls, left him messages, facebook messages, any means to get a hold of him, I tried. It sure seemed to me like my stuff was not going to come back to me unless I was going to step on his toes and threaten him, and so I did. I was ready to contact the police, BBB and my lawyer was ready to make a move. This was almost 4 weeks ago when I finally contacted James through text message and told him clearly to keep the harness's and stuff, and only send back the flywheel. He agreed but stupid remarks about me not being a paying customer made him believe this is why this has tooken so long, it was still a business transaction in my eyes, cash or not, I did nothing to be treated this way.

Nearly 4 weeks later, and having no contact with him, obviously it does not take 3 weeks to send a package from NS to ON, it takes about 4 days, do I think I am getting the short end of the stick here? Of course, am I ready to take legal action? Of course, within minutes of contacting the NS police about my issue and have my lawyer contact James, I FINALLY get a response from James, he is sending my "@!#$" back and will be receiving it next week. Am I worried about the fact I got ripped off? Oh hell yes, he claimed he @!#$ up both flywheels when we texted each other 3 weeks ago, I told him clearly in a message I left him on his shop phone that if the flywheel is damaged at all, I will take $450 in exchange, this is a far cry of what the $750 I paid new, and it was sent to him brand new, I can assure that because of pictures of proof, and James if you are reading this, I have a lot of it against you, so if anything is damaged upon receiving this @!#$ in the box, this is not over.

By the way for all you JBOers that look up to James, he isn't the person you think he is, he will screw you over if given the opportunity, I am not the only one he has treated poorly, but I do not wish to drag this on beyond of what it has to, I just believe that people must realize they must be very careful in who they buy from and consider a friend Just ask Brad... right James?

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Re: Attn: Raven/James
Friday, April 24, 2009 1:15 PM
I was just talking to james this morning on the phone. He's heading to the car show. I told him I'd call the first off the week to let him know when I would be able to get back to halifax to get the car tuned. I have had a few setbacks with my car but at this point I just want my car running and looking better. I still have some body work that needs to be touched up and that guy said hes too busy for another month. So what I have come to realize, is that my car isn't gonna be ready tomorrow but hopefully by may sometime it will be all said and done and I can have a finished product. I hope everything works out for ya, James is a good guy but from what I have seen he is extremely busy. There isn't many people around that can do good tunes on j-bodys so I am willing to wait to get it done right.

Re: Attn: Raven/James
Friday, April 24, 2009 2:29 PM
I have a story about someone needing a tune and James screwing that guy over too....... but I will let him post.

He WAS a nice guy to me, being busy doesn't cut it when there is a transaction on the table.

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