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2.0 Sunbird engine mount
Saturday, January 04, 2014 7:47 PM
Hi guys,

Business first, then an update:

I just changed the front right side engine mount in my 87 2.0 SE Sunbird conv. and the trans. dog bone mount too. The engine mount was toast and dog bone chewed up pretty good. I was wondering what all was involved to replace rear pass. side engine mount. Replacing those 2 mounts were simple and straight forward, but the rear one looks like it might require some the engine parts to be removed if replaced from the top, is doing that job involved and if so, how involved and how long a task?

Update: My Bird is still in bare metal. The outside temp changed so much 2 weeks ago that it created condensation in my garage and now the body is starting to show signs of flash rust which is a depressing eye sore, but nothing extensive primer won't resolve.

I got the paint work done to my GF's Yaris which required painting the entire side of the car and buffing it out.. I also got reimbursed by the insurance co which paid for some required equipment. I also painted the 1/4 panel on my Subaru over Thanksgiving. Last week a wind knocked over some hoods in my garage and knocked over my tool cart and put a 2" dent in my month old paint and body work. Job security I guess.....but body work is my hobby not my career. I also tore the top end off my GF's 3.8L 95 Riviera, so now that all the huge pressing items have been completed, I hope to find some motivation to get in the garage and tinker on the Bird now, but its so hard to get motivated to paint and body work when the weather is working against you. I have to spend most of the day heating my garage to get the metal and other items warm enough to be able to do that type of work correctly, so I have been practicing my upholstery skills.

Right now am finishing up restoring 2 swivel bars stools that were my grandfathers, and have been given to my buddy for his man cave that we hang out in. The vinyl on the first one turned out OK and the repainted base is sweet. I would grade the job a C+ - B-. On the second stool, I have had to make my own patterns and have no experience doing that before so I have no idea if the covers are sewed together correctly to allow them to be put on and stretched tight so the 2nd one has not been turning out as nice. The big issue with creating your own sewing pattern is knowing exactly where to have seems go, and how much to allow for the stretching of the vinyl. I have found virtually no information that gives the tips, hints and nuiances of this trade, but that is why I am practicing now and at someone elses expense, so that the experience is free, the lesson learned is priceless and satisfaction from doing the job yourself is immensely gratifying. Also another trick we plan on doing to the bar stools is to use spray vinyl dye along with a vinyl sticker stencil and spray dye the word "Steelers" onto the bar stools to church them up a bit and put the icing on the cake. The bar stools are black and gold with the owner being a Steelers fan.....of course!

I do have a bunch of sanding I can do on the bumper covers, have the hood to fit and install, and there is always the window sweeps to replace the rubber on which can be done in my upholstery in the house where its always warm, but its just hard to get started into an involved project in the middle of the cold cold winter.

Hope all are well and the interest in our cars is increasing as the quantities are decreasing.

Re: 2.0 Sunbird engine mount
Sunday, January 05, 2014 10:52 PM
Idk with your model how it relates to mine.But I have pulled a engine in these Js and removed the mounts.It probably varies and I am just worn out from working today.Let me get some time to check things and maybe offer some advice in this dept.Just so you know we did see this just not ready to suggest things(I am toast from a long day).Ok I think the trans side was more work on recall the pass side easier on recall.R

Re: 2.0 Sunbird engine mount
Sunday, January 05, 2014 11:03 PM
You need to Remove the passenger sidw wheel. Then jack then jack the engine up using a block of wood on the oil pan to loose tentioner on the mount. The mount can be removed by 2 bolts that face the firewall then either remove the 3-4 bolts depending if auto or manual from the firewall area of the body bracket or the two bolts that go from the body bracket to the clamshell motor mount. It's not hard on a 4cyl. V6s raw tight and have no room. All 1st and 2nd gens v6 or 4cyl share the sawmill mount designs and locations.

On the inside my car looks like a fighter jet.
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