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It was a good
Wednesday, August 06, 2014 7:32 PM
So after some ever more painting on the Ranger today I decided to tackle the door once again on the Sedan and see if the Seat Belt would swap in.....

End Result - Yes Direct Swap!!

So glad to have this bit 'O J Drama behind me!!

New Seat Belt installed!

This is the wretched cage that has given me so much grief!! It is NOT on the Coupes Thank God!

Simply drilled out the Rivets and replaced with bolts and self locking for me.....

You can see here the springs on these are overworked and prone to failure - even the replaced one is buckling....

All Done!! One note is there is a spacer on the inside of the top hanger with the 18mm nut - it tends to fall off inside when you pull the hanger off - I spent some time trying to figure out what was all wrong when I put it back together and discovered that spacer lying in the back floorboard!

Now for the Icing for the Cake - went back to Pick N Save today. Almost didn't make it - only had 35 minutes left before they closed when I got there! But I knew what I was after and how to take it off - Quick!

Something Special in the back of the old Wagon.......Couldn't take the Ranger since it is covered up in Newspapers.;

Looking a Little Closer......Is that what I think it is?

Why I'll be darned it IS a Z24 hood - not chipped or cracked. And it rode home in FINE style in the back of a 1st Gen Wagon! Never Under-Estimate a 1st Gen Wagon!! Hahaa!!

I'll be putting these on the Wagon in the future! Never thought I'd make such a find!

There are also a set of the Z-24 5 Spoke Wheels there too - that will be my next run if I'm lucky enough.


Re: It was a good
Wednesday, August 06, 2014 9:12 PM
Nice fix on the belt deal.I do liketh the hood as I have one too,but mostly bc they are not made anymore and just a cool item to have this day and age.I do not plan on using the hood for sunny as it is a stock ride.Good grabs orlen and my hood is super faded and decent overall just needs some mild fixes on the corners at the fenders.I am kind of tired after working super hard to get the yards done and mega clean my shop.The short was remove anything off the floor as usual (this is routine for me) and sand down my steps to remove the stains and blow the whole garage out and then wet floor pour lots of Lysol lemon floor cleaner on and pressure wash and then squeegeeee it dry.I like a clean garage that has NO smells.Thursday is work on my nephews 98 accord as he goes back to college and mostly simple stuff and a good detail job.

Re: It was a good
Thursday, August 07, 2014 8:54 AM
Orlen--is that hood on blocks so it can raise above the wheel wells and lie flat?
Re: It was a good
Thursday, August 07, 2014 9:27 AM
Orlen.. You have no idea how bad I want to drive to your house and buy that hood off you and I live 600 miles from you The raised hoods are getting extremely hard to come by now days. Great find!

Re: It was a good
Thursday, August 07, 2014 10:55 AM
Great Answer Wayne!! Hope that is a good omen towards your future endeavors!!

Didn't want to mess up the Hood or the Wagon Hahaa. This is definitely NOT the first time the ole Wagon has hauled Cinder Blocks the Z-hood is another matter entirely!!

Matthew I'll definitely keep you in mind the next time I come across one of these!! So surprised to run across one but who knows , maybe another one might pop up too.


Re: It was a good
Thursday, August 07, 2014 12:27 PM
Nice work Orlen!

Great Score on the hood also...

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