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Cheap parts car
Friday, January 29, 2016 1:58 PM
Doesn't seem too long ago I was sounding off about how high scrap prices were turning the used car market upside down. Parts cars without drive trains were on the market for $700 to $1K. Now scrap is worthless again and gas is cheap - look at the used car market. Back to what it used to be.
I been driving around this winter in the '02 I picked up for $150 and am currently working on buying a 2000 for $200. (needs engine) It was not even 2 years ago I jumped on the '94 Sedan for $1500 because I was worrying about finding something out there - could have saved a lot of money and worries if I could have fast forwarded to now!! The '94 has been a good car though and the body is extremely free of rust so it wasn't a terrible decision.
I nice part of the J-Fleet I've accumulated is that everything is paid for and runs!! I get to baby the 1st gens now which is sweet!

On to my subject though :

Saw this on local craigslist - 84 Coupe for parts $100 or OBO. Thought someone on here might see a need. Bet ya could score it for $50 if you haggled good!


Re: Cheap parts car
Friday, January 29, 2016 5:13 PM
You are right on there Orlen, Low scrap price is great news for us parts car guys.

Looks like the 85 that I have for parts. Body on mine is shot but it has a low millage engine and near mint interior. Paid $200 for mine three years ago.

My 85

Orlen's find

Re: Cheap parts car
Friday, January 29, 2016 8:24 PM
For the price it is fine.But with trailer or a tow you have the time/cost which really would not hurt.Time I do not have to pursue that as It seems semi worthy for even just good body items and trinkets to boot.I today reinvested in new parts for my nephews 06 accord at auto zone.New rotors,pads (both the duralast gold ) upper end and a kit for the metal guides/and rubber bushing for a mear $182.00 with a 20% off coupon!The rotors are the top notch ones as are the pads.I also got in the said cost new denso iridium plugs when I do the tune up.I just bought new denso coil packs for a stupid low cost on rock auto for $158.00 shipped!! I will say the coil packs for the accords has come down $24.00 in less than 2 years.WOW.On my 06 accord keeping it simple doing what the car Really needs and it so far has been stellar for a used 06!!!!! I am buying parts now as my coupons run out in april work to be done in like may or june.Save now work later but all good as the result.I did wed have to replace my battery for my 87 mazda b2200 it was over 7 yrs old and bit the dust.I got $6.44 towards the new battery but,I am NOT complaining.The 08 battery did fine up unitl last week on the charger it went south fast no charging only like 4.5volts.Time over age and cost good value imo.I just wanted to overload as I am wide awake and yes full of info on my last day off until tue.I did buy a brand new water proof cover for the 87 mazda as the old one is falling short due to age/weather.Ebay and $104.00 with 4layers of protection.Even if I replaced this cover every 2 years as a outdoor ride well worth it.

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