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Warm start issue
Friday, October 27, 2017 7:18 PM
Hey guys ~ long time, no talk.
I've started having an issue with my wagon that almost seems like a vapor lock issue.
I'll go somewhere, be there for about 1/2 hour to and hour, come out to the car, it'll start fine but when you go to throttle away, the car seems to run out of fuel - almost like the vapor lock condition that would happen to carbureted cars back in the 70s... it sputters, then stalls... Let it sit for a minute or two, then it fires right up and off it goes...
The idle has seemed a little odd lately at times too.
I pretty sure that vapor lock is an impossibility with a fuel-injected engine..
I suspect either a dying fuel pump, IAC valve or maybe the ignition coil..
Any thoughts or related experience with this would be greatly appreciated...


~ Mike ~

Re: Warm start issue
Saturday, October 28, 2017 9:30 AM
Mike it is in my thoughts the classic fuel pump failing.I doubt the IAC is the issue.Typically with failing fuel pump it can come and go on the running of the car and or idle especially and the psi should be 13 if you hook up a Schrader valve to the throttle body. Mine failed two years ago and similar symptoms run,bad idle and shuts off.Make sure to buy a AC DELCO fuel pump as these last longer.I will revive a old thread on my restoration of my pump and you probably will have to go to the 1986 year to get a pump.Amazon was the cheaper route over auto zone or advance.

Re: Warm start issue
Saturday, October 28, 2017 6:18 PM
I had a 2002 Saturn (worst car I ever drove), and among other problems, it would get vapor lock--no carb on that car.

Some dry gas did the trick.
Re: Warm start issue
Thursday, November 16, 2017 9:34 AM
Had a similar problem with my wagon a while ago. After going somewhere and sitting for a half hour it would just crank and not start til it cooled back down. I thought fuel pump at first (replaced it) and tried a bunch of other stuff with no luck, but in the end it seemed to be the injector heat soaking. Replaced it and it hasn't done it again.

86 Skyhawk wagon 1.8SOHC • 93 Sunbird two door 2.0SOHC • 93 Sunbird four door 2.0SOHC
Re: Warm start issue
Saturday, November 18, 2017 1:45 PM
drivesa5 wrote:

Had a similar problem with my wagon a while ago. After going somewhere and sitting for a half hour it would just crank and not start til it cooled back down. I thought fuel pump at first (replaced it) and tried a bunch of other stuff with no luck, but in the end it seemed to be the injector heat soaking. Replaced it and it hasn't done it again.

I think it may be the fuel pump going (the useless fuel they force down our throats with ethanol in it....) I had my tank out of my car in around 2011 and it appeared to be a newer tank with a newer AC Delco fuel pump, (but I honestly don't know how old the tank and pump actually were....) and possibly six year later, the ethanol laced fuel could have taken it's toll on the pump.
The heat soak issue I am ambiguous on only because I rebuilt my throttle body about a year ago with a professionally cleaned out and flowed OE injector, but maybe they screwed that one up....who knows ?
I bought a new Bosch 69238 fuel pump which is supposed to be improved/ upgrade to the original equipment pump, and I also bought a new AC Delco high performance ignition coil just to be on the safe side. I do still have the old "working: injector nozzle from my original throttle body, so if the new fuelpump and coil don't do the trick, I may consider throwing the old injector back in with a new electrical pigtail too..

The wagon is in storage right now because I broke down and bought a new 2017 VW Golf Sportwagen 4Motion because I wanted the 170 turbocharged HP with a six speed manual tranny and full time all wheel drive (SO fast, comfortable, powerful and grips like it's glued to the road....!)......., so I'll mess around with my now "collector's car" come springtime or so...

"Hey, what's your new car look like, Mike?"
Well, I thought you'd never ask....


~ Mike ~

Re: Warm start issue
Monday, November 20, 2017 3:38 PM

I actually have my eye on the new Buick Regal Tour X

Re: Warm start issue
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 7:41 AM
Paul94Z28 wrote:


I actually have my eye on the new Buick Regal Tour X

They are >>BEAUTIFUL!!<<
I've always loved station wagons ~ I remember when I was a kid in junior high, I used to sketch drawings of sport wagons and all of these years later, station wagons become popular amongst car collectors/ restorers/ hot rodders.
European car makers have been building sport wagons for years now and I am thrilled that finally a US car manufacturer has gotten on board and brought one out..... IT"S ABOUT TIME! Guess my love for wagons has in a little way made me a bit ahead of my time !
I've always liked the look of a station wagon and as I have gotten older, I've grown to appreciate the versatility and utility of them as well. And now they are being made more beautiful and with power and handling too....I couldn't be happier about that!
Never been much of an SUV guy. CUVs are closer to what I like, but wagons are my passion ! That and vintage VW Beetles... !

~ Mike ~

Re: Warm start issue
Thursday, November 23, 2017 10:21 AM
Nice Wagons !! I always thought Subaru took the wagon to a higher level over the years. They kept it alive and gave it a proper place in the automotive world, even manage to give it that level of opulence that seemed to appeal to many buyers over the years. I'd have them instead of the J-Bodies myself if it wasn't for their boxer engine with those mile long timing belts with their countless pulleys driving 4 cams - one bad revolution in there and you have several hundred pounds of scrap aluminum and iron.

Regardless of make nowdays these cars are best bought when they are new, though. I'd hate to even try to repair these new models. Even a simple oil change has become a shade tree nightmare. Getting nowadays when something as ambiguous as a bad ground or a corroded electrical connection can lead an otherwise useful ride on down to the shredder. Mechanics that have old school hands on experience are being replaced by computer jockeys . The older grease monkeys are auctioning off their tools and calling it quits because it is getting impossible to afford the equipment and education to keep up with the sophistication coming out of the car companies today. We just lost a well respected gentleman this week - he retired and auctioned it all off. He happened to be one of those few that over the years even taught the young , passionate souls willing to go learn at our local Community College for many years before retiring from there to spend some time once again in a shop helping the locals keep their cars on the road. I remember a co-worker went to him one time with a bogus Chevy Aveo that initially had mysterious electrical issues and then finally died. When I say it died - it did just that. No-Nothing. No power anywhere. She had it taken to the local Chevy garage where they gave it right back to her - because ....guess what...without no power - there is no way to get a code off the computer. No computer and the computer jockey walked off. So she had it towed to the old mechanic and he told her to give him a few weeks and he'd tinker with it when he had some spare time. Couple of weeks later she had her car back - and I was understandably curious. The problem wound up being a simple ground wire rusted up inside the front fender area behind the plastic shrouds.

So it seems to me that all of these new cars are just a ticking time bomb and without the proper diagnostics one is at the mercy of the dealers to get it fixed. So under warranty is the way to go if you got the cash to spend on one!!

I have given to myself way too much mental time thinking about these autonomous vehicles coming down the pipe. What on earth are people gonna do with them when they are the 30+ year old antiques - if you can't drive it - how do you fix it? How do you get it in the garage? Like I said....too much thinking as I won't be around to face this.

Well enough of my ranting friends....LoL

This gave me a little time to brush up on my photo skills today - it is good to keep practice. I seemed to me the front fascia of the VW reminds me a lot of the 1st gen. Focus. Might just be me. So I got a side by side for your consideration. There is an old saying - "The more things change, the more they stay the same". Some might the eager to beat me silly for comparing a VW to a Ford. Blasphemous???

And Here is Paul's Buick. Can't compare it to much. Definitely NOT a Vanilla Cone...LoL


Re: Warm start issue
Thursday, November 23, 2017 1:42 PM
Speaking of new rides drama.I have to remove literally 9 screws and and 3 plastic plugs for the under side of my wife's 2017 Honda Hr-v just to change the **** oil.It covers the entire bottom end of the engine.The only good thing is I changed over to synthetic oil so the oil change is like 5k over 3 as this is my choice.It takes me almost a hour just to do a simple task and the cover on the bottom end really serves NO purpose other than take it to the dealer BS!I refuse to let anyone do my oil changes period!! I do have to raise the vehicle up just for room to move and use sender blocks and plywood and yes block the tires for safety!Dang new cars are getting more dumb in thoughts on some of the designs of some aspects.

Re: Warm start issue
Monday, November 27, 2017 3:35 PM
Ron, that cover is for aerodynamics and fuel prices economy. OP, have you checked the crank sensor?

On the inside my car looks like a fighter jet.
Re: Warm start issue
Monday, November 27, 2017 5:38 PM
My wife’s 2013 Civic (best car we’ve ever owned, btw) has a thin aluminum plate under the engine to eliminate turbulence under the car for fuel economy’s sake.
Do yourself a favor, though - put some anti seize on the screw threads because they are are a real pain to get off if they get corroded..

~ Mike ~

Re: Warm start issue
Saturday, January 27, 2018 1:40 PM
Orlen, I think my Sportwagen looks a lot more like the Buick than it does the Ford, and the handling and power are definitely closer to the Tour X !
Had the car for three months now and I honestly like the car better every day I drive it !
Think I am going to take my Cav Wagon in a bit of a different direction from this point on..... thinking seriously about upgrading the engine - Not sure if I'm going the 3.1 GM route, or something more interesting like a supercharged 3800 Series engine.... !
Now that I no longer rely on it for my basic transportation needs, I think I want it to go A LOT faster !

~ Mike ~

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