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The Chrysler K-Car Club says hi. Words of encouragement
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:10 PM
Hi there fellow J car fans! I just want to offer you words of encouragement for your club. It took me two years, but I finally have the makings of an active nationwide club for Chrysler K cars at from the 80s, In other words, we finally have 400 members and we are building coalitions with other clubs so we can grow to 1,000 members. It has been a tenacious battle as people everywhere stil call are cars junk and they are still being destroyed at an alarming rate. In fact, this club takes up a lot of my personal time. Anyway, a big plus that is keeping our club vibrant is that certain models are finally being considered as collectibles, i.e, woody K-cars and LeBaron convertibles. We also have the support of Hemmings Classic Car Magazine.

As for the J body, you all have a long road to travel if you want to have car shows, at least from what I have seen in my humble opinion. It seems to me that like the K-car, your car is the butt of jokes and needs someone to stand up for it to preserve it. I seriously think the J body from the early 80s is in danger of becoming extinct in the next 10 years. Also, we have the constant threats of government to contend with as they attempt to destroy the classic automobile. Now, to be frank, at least in So.Cal, I rarely ever see old J bodies anymore and I can no longer find certain models. K-cars outumber them here. I love J bodies and I don't want them to all disappear.

Capitalize on your popular models and start advertising. Attempt to have car shows! Try to find members who have popular convertibles and Z84s and what not.

Send emails to sellers informing them that you love these cars and they are not beaters. It is now 20 plus years since 82 and about time people stopped bashing our cars.

Enclosed is a copy of a flier at the bottom of this page that you can use to inform sellers of these cars. Just subsititute the name of the car.

Advertise actively on Car Domain and yahoo auto groups. Get people involved. Also, lobby this very active J car forum for members at They have 1st generation owners. In other words, form a coaliton with them.

I have no intention of telling you how to run your club. I just like cars too much and would like to see your products around for a long time. And yes, I think Chrysler cars are the best, but I like everything, including Toyota Corollas.

If you guys have a totally 80s Cavi show in LA, I'll attend with my K-car. Your welcome to come to my shows. Feel free to ask me for club advice

Guy V.Coulombe
The Chrysler K-Car Club President
(818) 219-2587

Sales Flier: Dear Seller,

I value your K-car. You might think itís a beater, but I know these cars are classics. I am the president of the Chrysler K-Car Club at I would like to see your car go to a good home so that these cars may be preserved. Our club is very active and we provide many free services that may be of benefit to you. We even have car shows. Our services include repair assistance and sales. I will post a link to your sale on our website forum. Even if no one buys your car right away, donít give up. Many of us would like to buy, but just canít afford it right now. Many of us will buy in the future. Also, the value of your car may increase as these cars get rarer and rarer. The convertibles now sometimes sell for as much as $7000. You are welcome to join our club for free while waiting for that buyer. Maybe youíll change your mind and keep your K-car collectible. All I ask in return is for you to spread the word about our club by attempting to persuade the willing buyer to join our car club. Our club is free and anyone can join. Donít forget to try posting your sale on EBay, Autotrader,, etc. Thanks.

Re: The Chrysler K-Car Club says hi. Words of encouragement
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 6:25 PM
good luck........

My Cav
I give up...
i'm buying a VW those people love trees, so they should love eachother too... "Andy"
Re: The Chrysler K-Car Club says hi. Words of encouragement
Thursday, January 15, 2009 10:00 AM
yeah our cars are going the way of the dinosaur...

my '87 has 220,000 miles on the original engine and still going strong! I don't drive it much anymore though

If you got it, a BIG truck brought it!
Re: The Chrysler K-Car Club says hi. Words of encouragement
Saturday, January 17, 2009 11:02 PM
If I ever won the lottery I would buy every first gen j I could get and start a junk/salvage yard and it would be in buildings NOT outside.Expensive yes but at that point I really do not think it would matter.There are so many 1st gen js here in nc thank goodness still rolling and for some reason alot of 82-84 models? umm.Oh well until I win the cash I will dream.

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