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Monday, January 17, 2011 4:10 PM
Car:1992 Cavalier 2.2L Convertible. So far I replaced the fusibles, battery, fuel filter, plugs, and air filter.

Problem:It runs for maybe 10 seconds and under. Then chugs, then dies. And totally dies on ANY throttle input. My gut is telling me fuel pump. I know this because during tank draining (bad, yellow pissy looking gas) I ran a piece of tubing straight to a gas can it never really gushed or sprayed out. And took .... 10 minutes for 5 gallons? Roughly. The strainer could be clogged? A bunch of particulates where coming out of the filter during the change, and out of the pump during the tank drain.

Oh, and is the starter on it's way out? Some times it clunks, then spins with no contact to flywheel.... atleast that is what it sounds like. But works most of the time.

Thanks alot!

Re: No-start
Monday, January 17, 2011 9:55 PM
Well the ten second run is definite fuel pump is toast! You will have to drop the tank and replace the pump.Granted trash in the tank may block the strainer boot however you still have to drop the tank and it would be stups not to replace the pump which will come with a new strainer or filter.As for the starter going it sounds like it is going.The solenoid not engaging properly and I would guess it is the original or even if replaced in the past they go out in a short amount of time(reman stuff sucks these days).I would buy a new starter,and fuel pump.Check online with advance auto or auto zone so you know how much it will cost you before you lay out the cash.They both should have some pics of the parts and descriptions.Just enter ur rides specs and it will guide u from there on either site.Napa is good but can be more pricey on some things.

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