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Leak party
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 1:07 AM
Alright so the interior is gutted in my '91 Cavalier 2-dr thanks to a clogged cowl and water seeping in and literally flooding my entire car.

I got the cowl all fixed so that isn't leaking, but my new problem seems to be with the weatherstripping in the two front doors. Whenever I go to the car wash, water rushes in from between the doors and the weatherstripping (having no carpet or trim anywhere in the car really makes it easy to find these kinds of leaks). Anywho I was checking to see if anyone else has had this problem with weatherstripping- but this weatherstrip is brand spankin' new. I'm starting to think the staff at Advance Auto are a bunch of cotton head ninny muggins and sent me off with the wrong thing...

Thoughts on door leaks?


Re: Leak party
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 2:13 PM
My 88 door seals were leaking. It was coming in from the front around the point where it turns to go up the A Pillar and seeping under the seal, running down and then coming into the interior at the bottom near the midway point. I took it off the lip it goes over and run a new bead of sealer on the inside of the rubber that goes over the lip and that cured it completely. The seals are the originals, not after market ones.

It took me a little while to find exactly where it was coming in at. I too had the entire interior out of the car. I sat in it during a hard rain and just watched everything very closely. I had a few firewall leaks too. It seems to be pretty common for the factory sealer to break down and allow water to seep in around some of the joints in the firewall. So, since you too have your interior out, it might be a good idea to seal the firewall too. Better now than find out later that it is beginning to leak after you have reinstalled the interior.

There are a few threads over at v6z24 on leaking seals/firewalls. They may be helpful in locating some of the key spots leaks will often occur.
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