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Re: Anyone use spring clamps to lower their car?
Sunday, March 16, 2014 4:38 PM
c b wrote:

rick - no, different guy. i understand cheap coils and clamps are wrong, but there's some people out there and its working for them. just hang on tight when @!#$ decides to go bad...

Or don't cheap out, leave it stock or spend the money and do it right. The people that you hear it working for either drive in areas that have lower speed limits, or are idiots and just think sweet my car is low, it rides awesome and don't know the actual difference of a good suspension. The people that cheap suspension parts didn't work for, you don't hear about them, they are either involved in a fatal accident or just don't talk about there suspension afterwards.

What happens when your stock struts blow? and they don't blow instantly, they will blow over time though, that is probably why these people say coil overs, cutting springs or using these clamps work. The car gets lowered, they have better center of gravity and car rides okay for awhile but over time, the struts slowly start to leak/blow, at that point they slowly get used to the car. The way it feels, feels "normal" to them but in fact the car handles like crap.

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Re: Anyone use spring clamps to lower their car?
Monday, March 17, 2014 7:17 AM
b coe wrote:

look some can say what they want but cutting spirngs are the worse thing. If you clamp them the only thing you loose is travel nothing else! cuttingyou loooes that and the car will bounce. now is it the best way? NO!!! how ever it will work just fine as long as you dont over load your car! What happens if you use clamps? well it lowers the car!!!! simple as that. no rebound no nothing as far as change.. yes its cheep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so you dont want to do this to lower your car? Fine DONT!!! i dont race it i drive it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You seriously just bumped this ridiclulous thread to make a ridiculous post with a hundred exclaimation points? You're THAT type of fucktard?

A bunch of things change if you drive around with your stock springs clamped. Here's the basics:

1) You decrease the available travel, and preload your struts to a range they are not meant to handle (I'm assuming someone stupid enough to clamp their springs isn't smart enough to get proper lowering struts).

2) You DO, in fact, INCREASE your spring rate. By putting your coils into bind, it effectively removes coils from the spring rate equation, thereby increasing rate dramatically. This is how progressive spring rates work. Your factory struts can not handle this, and the car will be less drivable than at stock height. A car will handle better with a higher center of gravity and a more predictable handling characteristic (less bounce going on that changes the geometry of the suspension) than it will with a lower center of gravity and a lot of bounce.

3) These are used in circle track cars to preload springs for track-specific tuning. It is, in fact, made for racing, and NOT STREET DRIVING. You are going to run into far more things that make this a problem on the street than any circle track driver will, not to mention there's an inherent risk in racing that the other people on the road didn't sign up for!

Re: Anyone use spring clamps to lower their car?
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 9:52 AM
Trolls they be trollin

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