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95-05 cavalier control arms.....On a saab?
Thursday, September 04, 2014 2:19 PM
Hello ALL! I am chris, I do not own a "j-body" but i do own something similar. I have a 1999 Saab 9-3. Few modifications it has= MBC, Open DP, Bigger FMIC, 9-5 aero seats, carbon dash and door pulls, SE front and rear lip, Vert Spoiler. I am in the process of building a set of coilovers for my car (noone makes a full set) and since i am trying to make this car handle as well as it can, I need our sister cars help. The front lower control arms are actually two pieces with a rubber bushing that connects them. This poses a problem with stiffness in the front end. Another HUGE factor in this is the lack of replaceable ball joints. To replace the ball joint you are paying 100-150 for a new control arm.

Now that the reasoning is out of the way, I need a member who is willing to help me out.

1. I need the size of the bolt holes (vertical bolt) (horizontal bolt)
2. I need the size of the ball joint to make sure it will fit my hub assemblies
3. I need size of and the distance of the sway bar link. (distance from ball joint) (distance from middle of Horizontal bolt)
4. distance from middle of vertical bolt to middle of horizontal bolt. (A,B) Look at attachment
5. Distance from middle of ball joint to middle of Horizontal bolt (B,C) Look at attachment

I am a very active member of Saab Central and would immensely appreciate a members help with my en devour!

If anyone has questions about anything saab related that might fit your cars, ask. If you have any questions on saabs themselves, ask.

Any positive feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thanks and keep on..... cavalier-ing? (works better with saabing )
cavalier control arm paint.jpg (20k)

Re: 95-05 cavalier control arms.....On a saab?
Thursday, September 04, 2014 4:32 PM
The B to C measurement will differ depending on the control arm. Grand Ams and Aleros run the same control arms as cavaliers, but are ~1/2" longer in that B to C measurement. Some aftermarket companies just produce the Grand Am/Alero arms and sell them as cavalier replacements. The longer arms have not shown any ill effects for us. A "hidden" suspension upgrade for us is the control arms from a 1999 Grand Am or Alero because they are aluminum and the extra length helps to make the car more stable. Best part is that they are $35-$50 a set at the junkyard and poly bushings are ~$40. Only the 1999 model year is aluminum, everything else is stamped steel. Also because the "same" control arm has 2 different applications both the Cavalier and Grand Am ball joints will fit them. The Grand Am ball joints are alittle bigger.

My suggestion is to grab a set of the aluminum Grand Am/Alero control arms from the junkyard and take the measurements yourself. Not to be a dick, but if you realize that you need another measurement that you forgot about you dont have to wait for someone else to get it for you. Plus you could always sell the aluminum arms on here if the project doesn't pan out.

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