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99 Z24 third brake light options?
Monday, March 17, 2014 12:19 AM
Does anyone have any success in changing from the OEM style 2-bulb 1999 red spoiler light to a clear LED setup? Was hoping to go from red lens to clear , to match my new tail lights and there seems to be no aftermarket options. The lens shape is very similar to the spoiler light style on 4th gen camaro's, but I have no way of knowing if the measurements are close.

Again, if anyone has any success in a suitable similar sized alternative, would really appreciate the help! This is the style of the spoiler and light I am dealing with...

Re: 99 Z24 third brake light options?
Monday, March 17, 2014 7:23 AM
It would have to be a DIY project. If you're not sure about taking on such a project, hit me up. It's something I can do, and I'm kind of looking for a few quick lighting projects. I seem to have the bug lately.

Re: 99 Z24 third brake light options?
Thursday, April 24, 2014 5:38 PM

best prices are at tayda. the 5mm clear red leds are BRIGHT. get a bunch of those and some 100 ohm 1/2 watt resistors which come in packs of 10 for 15 cents. I haven't done the math lately but you could probably get away with 1/4watt but the 1/2 is only a nickel more soo....It goes 6 leds to one resistor. 100 ohms is high enough that it won't get blown during charging and low enough that they will still light at your lowest seen voltage as well. Also get some silver phenol board under Hardware>proto boards>Small StripBoard 94x53mm (Silver). It will have pre-tinned rows. every seventh hole use a knife to make a break in the row. the resistor should be on the negative leg of the leds. after you have it soldered up you can just use foam adhesive molding tape to keep it in your brake light housing on the backwall after you have removed the old bulbs of course. I dont know the width of the brake light but it might take two proto boards. they are only 74 cents a piece so i would get like 10 and do all your lights. for the dual filament bulbs just wire up half of your leds to one wire and the other half to the other. the white leds would make a great replacement for the dome light.

just remember that because they draw so little current you may need to add in a 5 watt resistor to fake a bulb being there or get an "led" blinker relay. The dome light will stay on for a real long time after you get out as well if its on a timer. the timers work by current drawn, less current more time lapse.

if you know someone with power windows you can move after youve turned the car off you can test this. first turn it off and keep moving the windows till they stop, note how long you can do this. next turn it off but dont press a button till at least half the recorded time has gone by then proceed to move them and note how long after the shut off they could be moved. its kinda interesting if you like playing with power windows. the trunk light is on the same exact kind of timer.

your relay can also be modified to work with the leds. disassemble the relay and replace the resistor(there might be 2 so try each) with a potentiometer(a variable resistor). when they are on adjust the pot. until they blink the speed you want. next either record the set resistance with a multimeter or just leave the pot sticking out of the relay so it can be changed whenever you want.

I have ordered almost 100$ from these guys and it comes quickly and is well packaged.

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