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Basic engine swap compatability?
Monday, January 04, 2016 9:20 AM
Folks I picked up an '02 Sedan last year with a sweet drive-train but buckets of rust towards the rear underneath.

This year I have a deal in the works on a 2000 Coupe with a blown engine and a body with much less rust.

Both cars have the 2200 OHV engine. The Sedan (Donor) has the 4 speed automatic. The Coupe (blown engine) has 5 Speed.

I am wanting to know if there are any issues I should be aware of in replacing the 2200 from a car with an automatic to a manual. Also are there any last minute changes GM made the the last year 2200 electronics? I'm sure there are others on here far more experienced than I - that have done these You never know what kind of surprises await in a seemingly simple job....Hahaa!!

I appreciate your feedback!!


Re: Basic engine swap compatability?
Sunday, January 10, 2016 7:58 PM
I've never swapped the 2.2L LN2... but I'm fairly certain it's mostly the 98-02 that are swappable. There might be small sensor differences, but just swap the parts over. That's what we do with knock sensors on the 2.4L's.

The harnesses are different between auto and manual.. obviously due to transmission, but there's also the neutral/safety start switch on the manual (part of the dash harness, connected to switch on clutch pedal).. engine harness on the automatic (switch mounted on transmission)

Re: Basic engine swap compatability?
Monday, January 11, 2016 7:02 AM
Only thing you should have to do is switch your flex plate for the flywheel, unless you are also swapping transmissions.

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Re: Basic engine swap compatability?
Thursday, January 14, 2016 9:31 AM
Thank you John and Oedwards!

I was worried there might be something crazy like a different crankshaft bolt pattern or engine mount location - you never know sometimes.

I have been reading up a good bit in the past posts on this forum and there are a lot more differences than I ever realized in the 3rd Gens. Looks like the 95's were kinda all out there by their selves as more changes were applied under the hood after the big redesign as the years went by. Passlock was phased in instead of across the board change. Lots of stuff to e aware of. Seems like , though , by the time the facelift came along in 2000 most of the changes were settling down - the next big news would be the ecotec in 2002- 1/2.

I like the simple OHV cavalier engines. Easy to work on and reliable. Something we all will miss as the new technology fades along into tired old cars having issues and in need of TLC. Ya gotta admit - changing a water pump,starters and alternators on any Cavalier OHV is about as easy as it gets on a FWD in this day and age......Hahaa!

Thanks again for the info!


Re: Basic engine swap compatability?
Thursday, January 14, 2016 10:29 AM
Yea, transmission is the only difference. All the rest swaps over 98-02.

I loved the OHV for the same reasons. hell i even had headgaskets down to like 90 minutes total time (this was when the turbo setup was on it and a LOT of the parts normally on the motor were relocated or gone though).

I think i had a 99 block in my 02... maybe? lol i forget.

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