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00 cavvy wont start
Monday, May 14, 2007 11:03 AM
dunno whats wrong, please help steer me in right direction.


-00 cavy z24, 132 xxx km, ive put on about 1000 km since i bought it and have never drove it hard
-always has idled high, bout 1500, had checked out couldnt find anything wrong....
-friday night after work go to start it and had to crank for long time till it fired
-sat all weekend, go to start it this morning and just turns over will not fire at all!

now my guessing game

what the hell is it? when im sitting there turnin it over the check engine light is still on, that mean it will be throwing a code? unfortunatly i dont have one of them cool scanner tools and live out on a farm, dont know of anyone that has one.
when i turn the key i can still hear the fuel pump( i tihnk its the fuel pump) so thats not it. Would there be a clogged fuel filter or something to do with injectors? or maybe no spark? i cant smell gas or anything though so its not flooding i think. Also i had dumped in some injector cleener with this last tank of gas i put in, ive burnt through just over half a tank... would that have mucked something up?

im sorry im new to the whole new cars with there stupid azz computers and electronics .....


Re: 00 cavvy wont start
Monday, May 14, 2007 9:00 PM
First of all, just because the engine light is on when you try to start it doesnt mean that there is a code in it. The light always comes on when you crank it.
Sounds like the fuel pump is running, like you said. Dont always suspect a fuel filter if it doesnt start. Filter usually just causes sluggish acceleration, not a no start condition.
Make sure that You have gas in it. Sounds stupid but the sending units are known to give bad readings, especially when using gas with a high sulfur content.
You need to see if its getting spark.

No spark, take the ignition module off, take it to a parts store and have it checked. If its OK, get a crank sensor while you are there and replace it when you put the module back on.

If you have spark, squart some gas directly into the thottle body. then try to start it. if it starts then you have a fuel related problem.

If it still doesnt start with spark and fuel that you squarted in it then you have an engine internal problem, possibly a cam timing issue.
If you get to this far, your going to have to do a cylinder compression test to see what exactly your dealing with, Its possible that you may want to take it somewhere to have it looked at.

01 cav w/01 3400 gam gt 4t45e

Re: 00 cavvy wont start
Monday, May 14, 2007 9:37 PM
ok, yea wasnt sure if the check engine light was always on when cranking or not... i guess if i would have thought about it fuel filter probably wouldnt cause this, im going to try and get it towed into town to the mechanic cuz i was thinking that i would just take a look at the spark plug and see what is going on and hell i couldnt even find the damn spark plugs, these new vehicals are just to much computer for me i guess lol

thanks for the reply
Re: 00 cavvy wont start
Monday, May 14, 2007 10:13 PM
you cant find the spark plugs ????? not meaning to sound mean but you need to go buy a haynes or chiltons and read it front to back before asking us the hard questions. I can see your just a few years younger than me but seriously that haynes manual will be your bible if your not used to newer cars. BTW there under the pretty little cover that says 2.4L TWIN CAM

It wouldnt be any fun if it was easy.
Re: 00 cavvy wont start
Monday, May 14, 2007 10:38 PM
lol i know, ive still got a lot to learn and im beginning to really not like all this computer crap with the newer vehicals.... and yes i have felt dumb ever since i looked and didnt see the spark plugs so i was searchin the net n figured it out, under the cover and there are little boots i have to pull off. This haynes manual will def be what im buying this weekend in the city, if i get my car fixed before then ahha
Re: 00 cavvy wont start
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 8:48 AM
it could be alot of things. test the battery and altenator. could be the starter. turn the key to the on position and listen for a hum to see if the fuel pump is working. could be a clogged fuel filter, or dirty air filter. maybe time for new plugs and wires? could be a bad ignition switch.

Re: 00 cavvy wont start
Tuesday, May 15, 2007 1:39 PM
Haha, I had this problem this morning... it was the "anti theft system".. Was getting jumped and while trying to start it the light kept flashing... I have an aftermarket alarm so i kept unlocking it, and eventually thought of using the factoy fob to unlock the car, and VOILA! turned right over.

good luck with the car tho sir.
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