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Re: no power gain after turbo ln2? 2001 sunfire
Friday, August 09, 2013 9:00 AM
chris goodyear wrote:

bought a brand new o2 sensor drilled the hole plugged it in and the car ran like a bat outta hell. weird how something so little caused such a big issue.

That single statement proves that you are in over your head and have no idea what you are doing. Considering your O2 sensor is your computers ONLY feedback to control AFR and you have not been tuned so your base tables are not sufficient to run in open loop, it really is a wonder that you didn't melt down your motor.

Oh, and your grammar is terrible. Fix it.

Re: no power gain after turbo ln2? 2001 sunfire
Monday, August 19, 2013 8:02 PM
Wow... Just Wow... Chris, Just be patient with what you are doing. Don't drive the car not knowing what kind of air/fuel ratios you are running with. You need to get a really good "wide band" AFR Gauge kit. Don't go buy a 40 dollar narrow band AFR that just looks like a cool flashy thing to mount on your A pillar. I know it is a new toy that you just can't wait to drive, but your new toy isn't ready for the road yet. It won't be until you have the proper ways to make sure you are not going to grenade your engine. I know it's awesome to show off awesome car stuff, but just do it right. First look through all of these forums & Stickys and find out as much info as you can. If you can't find and answer after searching then put up a question on a forum. Most of us are willing to help out with questions as long as you sound like you are being intelligent and have tried to do your homework of searching but have had no luck. Good luck on your build man. At least you are trying. Just expect that being novice at this that you are going to have problems and will be spending money to fix these problems.

Re: no power gain after turbo ln2? 2001 sunfire
Monday, August 19, 2013 8:47 PM
I totally agree with everyone that has posted above me Chris. Just take the time and before you take it anywhere, even the tuners, just double and triple check all your fitting, hoses, clamps, electrical connections etc. Also, check that you are not blowing any pressure into the crank case with just an accidental incorrect hookup. Spend the money and get a good quality wideband, and a boost gauge, you can even pick them up from Amazon a lot of times cheaper than any performance parts websites. Ask a friend with a turbo car to come help you and check all connections are correct. I had a friend of mine do a turbo upgrade kit on his SRT4 and the shop gave it back to him w/o a tune. I told him not to drive it, but he did anyways, and wouldn't you know it, 3 months later we had to pull the motor to rebuild it and found 2 cracked pistons(1 crack the whole piston across the top) and 3 broken rings. Just listen to everyone and ask if you have any questions as most people online are here to help and not just criticize. Keep everyone updated on how your build/setup goes man.
Re: no power gain after turbo ln2? 2001 sunfire
Wednesday, August 21, 2013 8:35 PM

OK some of you know of my thread in the boost forum and laugh at my piecing my setup together.. but holy moly dude this is hysterical!!
Your kit even though it's from ebay and is a piece of junk, you bought a KIT!! Comes with a BOV and you don't install it?
It's like putting an entire engine together and not putting in the connecting rods.

I mean come on. If it blows up, I know we all want pics. You haven't done enough research to know anything. No forged internals... gonna put a hole right through your pistons (if your engine survives that long).

Just saying dude. Sorry that you set yourself up for this.

To turbocharge, or not to uh, uh..... eh, that last part don't matter.
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