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97 2.2L Sunfire transmission help!
Friday, April 03, 2015 8:55 AM
So i decided to fix my 97 sunfire myself to save me a lot of money. There is just something about it that I can't let it go. So I bought a new transmission and clutch for it and I am starting on it sometime this week. I need help on somethings though. I wasn't the one that took the old one out... So I am starting with no way how to do this or where some parts go. I took some pictures of the parts. I don't think the shop that took the transmission out gave me back all the parts. How many bolts are connecting the transmission to the engine? What size are they? I have three studs that are like one half is 18 mm and the other 13 (I think. Its smaller then the other side). I have 3 bolts that are 18 mm. Is there supposed to be 6 total to connect the transmission to the engine? I have looked at Autozone repair lists but I am not understanding some of it. Now I have two transmission mounts that the shop gave me that they pulled from the car. BTW there is a bolt that is in its original hole that something was holding it but it is not there, I am curious to know what it was holding. It is right next to the a/c under the car. Another thing is there is a what looks like to be a support bar? It has three holes on it one on each end and about in the middle there is another bar that expends out from the original bar. One end of the bar has like a half cup, I am not sure how to explain it but the picture will show you what I am talking about I have pictures of all the things I am asking about. One more thing there is a rod with a bolt on the end of it that I am not sure where it connects at on the transmission. it is the one resting on top of the silver chain in one of the pictures. If anyone could help I would REALLY appreciate it.

Ryan S
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Re: 97 2.2L Sunfire transmission help!
Saturday, May 02, 2015 1:06 AM
The bolt sticking out looks like it goes to the lower engine support beam? I think the bar you have bolts there, I don't remember, I thru that away a long time ago! The 18 bolts with the smaller ends are for the grounds on the wire harness. There are 6 main trans bolts. The bar in the back "on the chain" bolts to the trans with the black plate, it's a support beam, once again thru that away a long time ago! You probably shouldn't be doing this yourself!

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