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Wrecked the Sunfire Yesterday.
Sunday, December 06, 2009 2:29 PM
We got a crazy ice/snow storm that noone was expecting and i was going down the mountain to go to cash my check and go to work after words and i was going about 10 and tapped the breaks and they locked up and i slammed into a guard rail. Since i have my rims that are much wider than stock the front pass. side wheel to the blunt of it and jacked my suspension bad. It was NOT safe driving because something was broken, i was guessing a bent tie rod. But i had it towedHad it towed to Sears Auto(it was either there or Firestone since it was saturday) and they gave it the free eval.

They tried to tell me it was 1000 dollars worth of damage. I was like, what?!?!?! They told me i needed new tires, oil, Rfront Steering knuckle, Verticle control arm bushing, and they told me my frame was badly rusted. I knew that. And it's true so i dunno. lol ANYWAAYs

Sears told me one of the parts were dealer only and the other one wasnt in any of their warehouses at the moment. I was like.. damn. But i called advanced and talked to a dude that actually had a sunfire and changed a verticle control arm bushing in it so that was good. He said the knuckle was dealer only but it would prbly be better getting it from a junk yard and that the bushing wasnt bad that i just might need a torch of some sort to help against gulding. Somewhat good news. So i am going to be calling junk yards tomorrow about the knuckle and see whats up with that.

Anyways.... think i can do this? I have done suspension repairs on my explorer, and havnt ever had to do much on my sunfire. I have done bolt ons to my fire, the headlights, and a wheel bearing myself. Not much has had to be done. I also have a hanes manual that are a great help.

Also... i would like to get this running and i hate to say it, but, possibly get another car if i can with being so young and if my job is really permanent like my boss said. Sigh... i love her, but it is a 13-14 year old car and the frame is going to be hard to get someone that is legally aloud to weld it because they have to have all different qualifications aparently.

Re: Wrecked the Sunfire Yesterday.
Sunday, December 06, 2009 11:08 PM
Pics of GTFO.

Come to MI.

I got a free frame sitting for ya.

Re: Wrecked the Sunfire Yesterday.
Sunday, December 06, 2009 4:43 PM
You can do it. Besides the welding. Get a Haynes manual and remember how the stuff came off and just put the new stuff where the old stuff came from. Theres no legality to welding the frame. Unless you have insurance money paying for the fix. Yes it is hard to do. My friends dad rewelded the frame on his Probe and it still tracks straight and runs fine.

I would just visit a yard and yank your own stuff.

But in the end it may not be worth it.

Re: Wrecked the Sunfire Yesterday.
Saturday, December 12, 2009 10:39 PM
Don't feel bad, i just hit a deer on Wednesday. Im going to have this shop try and total it since I know theres more damage from the last wreck the jack offs didnt fix. The deer busted both headlights, right turn signal, both plastic grille peices, bent the hood, one fender (maybe both), cracked the bumper. The core support is wavy and where the headlight bolts to on the frame, by the fender on the pass side, is bent up a bit. Now im no body guy, but i think thats not supposed to be bent. Also theres a 1/2 gap about 2 inches wide under my windshield where it likes to snow inside my car.

03 Sunfire - Sold.
Re: Wrecked the Sunfire Yesterday.
Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:31 AM
i just got a frame off of a mini stock racer for 25 bucks and with parts, labor, and alignment and it cost me 250.
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