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Just my luck
Saturday, July 22, 2006 11:32 AM
I dont know if what happened was good luck or bad luck. About a week ago I bought a new car, a '05 RSX Type-S. I still have my Cavy, but I am selling it of course. Well last night driving up to my friends work on a small two lane road with nothing around it but dirt (soon to be a housing development) I had to dodge a car driving in the middle of the road. I was driving the RSX. I steered right sharply, which cause my right wheels to go off the road, then the car started to slide pointing the front end to the left. My rear right tire hit a big dip in the ground and flipped my car. It was so intense the top of the car didn't even hit the ground very hard, the car just kept flipping. Then it landed on it's wheels and went backwards up some dirt on the other side of the road. I dont remember everything from when the car started to roll, but I remember landing and coming to a stop upright on the hill, I was perfectly fine, no injuries. The door wouldn't open cause it was damaged and the car was in some dirt. So I climbed out the driver side windshield that had shattered and landed near the road. I had absolutely no injuries, despite the severity of the crash. My head did hit the ceiling of the car, but so slightly that it didn't even hurt. The car did what it was supposed to, to an extent that I couldn't believe. This kind of crash is fatal, but I was completely fine. Now here is the other part. If I had been driving my Cavy, it would have been fatal. I probably wouldn't have stayed in the seats and the roof would probably have collapsed. Overall I dont know what to think. Loosing my RSX was like loosing a best friend, it meant that much to me. But on the other hand, if I had crashed the Cavy that night, I wouldnt have survived.

So I guess I just have to wait to see how much I can get for the RSX and hopefully get another one. The Cavy is still being sold. I guess I tested out the RSX's five star crash rating to the max. I am so shocked that this happened, even now I am still shaky. The car took the full beating for me, I stayed in the seat so well that I barely moved the whole time, I barely even felt it when the car landed.

One more thing why this is such a big thing to me. I am a senior in high school, and last week I finally settled the deal with my dad to sell the cavy, get the rsx, and pay him back monthly for the rsx. Then this happened. And I am just hoping that when we get the money for the car, that I can look for another rsx. I feel completely safe in a rsx, specially now. I just thought I would post this here, I really needed to get this all out. I still love my cavy, it being my first car and all. But I moved on just in the nic of time. And now I got to move on from this, and hopefully just get another rsx.

If I get some pics of the car now, I will post them. But I really dont want to see the car like this, I had to look at it all last night and it tore me apart. I am sure some of you know how loosing your car like this is like loosing a friend.

Re: Just my luck
Monday, July 24, 2006 5:53 PM
Wow dude...lucky you made it out ok..

So whos fault was it? Yours or the other driver?

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