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Hit and Run...
Sunday, December 24, 2006 8:28 AM
First I'd like to appologise to anyone I was talking to about buying a trunk lid from, I can't afford it now I have to pay for this jazz...

I pulled into my driveway around 1am last wednesday, I park sideways at the end of my driveway because there is no room in my driveway with 2 other vehicles in it. When I went to leave for work at 6am (after very little sleep lol) I walk around my car towards the driver's side, which faces the road, and I step on something crunchy...there's broken tail light lense everywhere, but my taillights were fine. I then noticed a nice dent in-between my door and rear quarter panel, a hit and run in my driveway over night within the 5 hours I was at home. I drove around my neighbourhood trying to find any cars with broken tail lights but no luck. The police took a report and some pictures but nothing else, the tail light lense isn't enough evidence to try and find a car and a driver to go with it. Since this is a hit and run I get stuck with my $1000 deductible plus rental car fee, the insurance pays most of the rental fee, but I'm still paying around $10 a day.
To add to my grief the body shop had assured me I would have the car back Thursday, no call Thursday, or Friday. So I decided to call them Friday before they closed, the body work was done but they hadn't started painting yet...maybe I'm just ignorant or naive but I don't see how it would take more than 9 days to throw on a new door, rear quarter panel and spray some paint on it. So I won't get it until next Thursday or Friday if I'm lucky, which will end up costing me more for rental car.
The damage isn't terrible but I'm just really distraught that I have to pay a grand because someone hit my car in my driveway while I was asleep...anyways enough ranting on with the pics (they're from my phone...pretty decent for a phone )

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Re: Hit and Run...
Wednesday, December 27, 2006 9:57 AM
ouch less deductible next time.

Re: Hit and Run...
Tuesday, January 09, 2007 7:58 PM
Heh yeah, that'll be my birthday present to myself when I turn 21, a $500 deductible is too costly right now as a 19 year old male :S

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