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I hate to say it but....
Thursday, August 09, 2007 1:48 PM
I think my 95 may be totaled if not its really close
heres what happened

going down the interstate in kinda rush hour traffic. On the I-74 bridge between Illinois and Iowa. A mustang flys by me and the blazer in front of me and pulls into our lane. Mustang slams his brakes to prevent hitting the car in front of it. Blazer slams its brakes as do I. I stopped in time and so did the blazer, BUT the truck and trailer behind me couldn't stop in time and hit me. He didn't hit me that hard but just enough to break the fiberglass bumper, dent the trunk lid and bend those hinges, and bend the frame behind the wheels. I saw it coming and I tried to speed up but it was damp and I didn't get traction in time and being on a bridge I couldn't get to a shoulder or pull in the other lane so I was a sitting duck. luckily no one was injured and we pulled off down the interstate a little and exchanged info. and I was only 15 mins late getting back to work haha. On with the few pics I have of the damage, it doesn't look like much but its a 95 with a lot of miles on the car even thought its only got 30,000 on the engine so its not worth much.

don't mind the trunk I had just gotten a welder at my house to fill the holes from the spoiler and now this happened

well if they do total it I have a 96 sunfire at my house that I'll fix up to keep as a D/D and I'll be sneaky and take what I can from this to put on my 98 z that I have been working on

so if anyone needs anything that I can sneak out let me know

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